Boost for Sequencing-Based Consumer Genetic Tests in 23andMe FDA Approval

The FDA approval of a rare gene test from Mountain View, Calif.-based personal genetics company 23andMe is likely to open the way for more genetic test products marketed at consumers and physicians.   In Kalorama Information’s report, Next Generation Sequencing 2015, 23andMe and over 100 other companies with sequencing-based tests like theirs are discussed.   A Feb 19th approval letter from the FDA has cleared   a test for a gene that can cause a rare disorder called Bloom Syndrome, which causes short st

Are Prices for Veterinary Services Really Rising? A Recent VPI-Purdue Study and its Significance to the Veterinary Diagnostics Market

A recent insurer-sponsored study sought to define real pricing trends for services in the U.S. veterinarian industry. It found surprisingly that during the recession and afterwards (2009-2014) prices overall for canine veterinary services actually fell according to the generated index. Researchers found that the overall indexed drop in service prices was attributable to medical care services, which fell nearly 5% between 2009 and 2013. Wellness care services (25% of spending) including examinations, vaccinations and primary care tests, on the other hand, rose by roughly 8% in index price over the same period!

Superbug Raises Device and Facility HAI Concerns

In terms of prevention for healthcare associated infections (HAI), it's notable that the market for facillity sterilization is just over 3.1 billion dollars but the market to treat them is much larger at 10 billion.   Ideally, the market for treatment should shrink as prevention grows. This may happen, and prevention may become more of a focus now, with the recent superbug concern at UCLA Medical Center.  180 patients may have been exposed to a CRE (carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae) threat, and 2 deaths are linked to the outbreak.

Mass Spec Imaging Develops Tissue Samples as Resource for Proteomic Biomarker Discovery

Mass spec imaging techniques, including matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) imaging (MALDI-IMS) and desorption electrospray ionization (DESI) imaging are unrivaled in their effectiveness in studying molecular surface analytes. Tissue samples have seen increased significance as a resource in biomarker discovery activities otherwise preoccupied with plasma and serum. In recent years, mass spec imaging, including MALDI and DESI imaging, has seen significant application in proteomic biomarker discovery with its distinct advantages in its preservation of spatial proteomic data and potential to improve assay reproducibility.

Kalorama on Fox Business News: The Business of Vaccines

How big is the business of vaccines?  Yesterday, Fox Business News featured information from Kalorama's global vaccine report.   They reported our estimate of the market at 25.5 billion in 2014.  Most of that is childhood vaccines, though influenza is also a large category.   But as Fox Business News pointed out, it's not as profitable as the rest of the pharmaceutical market.  Vaccines are expensive to make, facilities are expensive and outsourcers can often be at capacity in peak seasons.   Thus there are just


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