Advanced Disinfection Solutions in the Fight Against Ebola

Beyond the current response to the Ebola outbreak that touches upon the base deficiencies of healthcare in the developing world, companies that have developed hospital-acquired infection (HAI) solutions are now finding effective applications of their products towards Ebola and emergent infectious diseases. Such solutions include UV light, gamma ray and other high-energy irradiation capable of destroying or greatly reducing Ebola virus infectivity by mutating viral reproductive genes.

Kalorama, AMA, WSJ Bring Attention to EMR Falling Behind in a Device-Driven World

Physicians in the United States need only glance down at their iPhone or other handheld device to see what is missing in their current electronic medical record (EMR) office systems: an intuitive interface and advanced data-entry features that integrates seamlessly and assists in their everyday activities. Usability is a key product metric in the regulation-driven EMR market, and yet a predominant concern among users represented by the American Medical Association (AMA).


Service Diversification Evident in U.S. Long Term Care Market

Home care and assisted living – alternatives to nursing home care – are projected to add over six times the amount of annual revenue that nursing homes will add to the total U.S. long term care market by 2018. While demographic aging in the United States will buoy all service segments in the long term care market, growth will not be evenly spread amongst service providers.

Case Studies in Clinical Mass Spectrometry: An “Electronic Nose”

Researchers at the University of Leicester have developed an “electronic nose” capable of rapidly characterizing Clostridium difficile strains in infected patients. The project touches on several pivotal areas of market development in IVD, namely hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), the diversification of clinical lab capabilities with the introduction of mass spectrometry, and intensifying clinical demand for faster turn-around and in-facility solutions to pathogen typing and characterization.

How and Where IVD Will Find Growth in the Global POL Market

Unlike laboratory medicine (or lab pathology), there is no settled role for professional point-of-care (POC) or “near-patient” testing (NPT) in modern healthcare systems. The use of decentralized IVD testing in primary and outpatient care, most often in physician office laboratories (POLs), is not uniform worldwide nor is it universally supported. The complexity of the global POL market – its variable reception across national and regional markets by payers and regulators; the solid penetration to emergent POL channel adoption of different tests – invites guidance and prompted Kalorama Information’s latest 2014 edition of its physician office laboratory market study, Physician Office Laboratory Markets.



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