Ebola Diagnosis on the Fast Track

In addition to expedited device approvals for diseases without effective existing treatments, the FDA has also fast-tracked Ebola tests under its emergency responsibilities in the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Reauthorization Act (PAHPRA). The FDA’s announcement of emergency use authorizations (EUAs) for Ebola test kits beginning in August 2014 promoted the development of several tests by both public organizations and private industry.

Consortium Amplifies miRNA Development

In our miRNA market research report, we detail some of the developments and research efforts in this promising area of medicine.  A data management organization, the RNAcentral Consortium, now offers the website RNAcentral (http://rnacentral.org) to serve as a unified resource for all types of noncoding RNA data.

Urgent Care Market Grows Up

The estimated 9,400 Urgent care centers (UCCs) in the United States sold over 15 billion dollars worth of services in 2013.  These medical clinics in a free-standing location or strip-mall provide an increasingly critical option between a physician’s office and a hospital emergency room.  The estimate was made in Kalorama’s U.S. Market for Urgent Care Centers (http://www.kaloramainformation.com/Urgent-Care-Centers-8430284/).

Ebola Threat Leads To Fast Track Vaccine Efforts

Companies who had vaccine programs for Ebola are speeding them up in the wake of the focus on this disease.  Many concerns are aligning with the WHO’s Ebola Response Roadmap, including its call to fast-track access to treatment and vaccine options to address the urgent situation.  Kalorama covers the vaccine market including future forecasts in its recent report on the industry.  

Medical Device Start-Up Flight to Europe and its Market Implications

Future upsides to the global medical device market may increasingly originate in Europe as many start-ups seek initial market approval within the European Union (EU). Recent criticism of the U.S. FDA has been preoccupied with the relative complexity of clinical trial plans in the United States. At a recent conference, Mark Deem, managing partner of medical device incubator The Foundry LLC, noted the FDA’s deficiencies relating to his issue:


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