Catch Up on Prenatal and Neonatal Testing Technologies and Industry Moves with Kalorama’s Clinical OMICs Article

Kalorama Information provides comprehensive insights into the prenatal and neonatal testing markets and industry with The Market for Prenatal, Newborn and Carrier Genetic Testing. Read more regarding the market with Kalorama’s article in Clinical OMICsPrenatal Testing Upgraded with Sequencing, Microarrays and Mass Spec.

Repeal of Contentious Medical Device Tax Passes in House

Proponents of the repeal contend the added cost has depressed research and development (R&D) within the device industry. Kalorama Information regularly assesses industry R&D trends by tracking related expenditures of the most representative medical device companies. The latest sixth edition of the Global Market for Medical Devices also tracks medical device tax payments from the largest medical device companies.

Hematology Will Play – Roche Moves Closer to High-Growth Core Lab Market Segment

This blog updates developments in the markets for hematology and core lab diagnostics comprehensively covered in the Kalorama Information reports The World Market for Hematology and The Worldwide Market for In Vitro Diagnostic Tests, 9th Edition.

True to its name, Roche’s Bloodhound technology is on the trail of a conspicuously high-growth market segment in hematology testing.

With Next-Generation Sequencing, MDx Catches Up to Antimicrobial Resistance

Market information and other trends regarding next-generation sequencing and healthcare-acquired infections are available through Kalorama Information reports Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Markets 2015 and Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Control Markets.

A powerful tool for the development of now ubiquitous molecular infectious disease assays, sequencing is also capable of directly impacting clinical decision-making and disease control as an in vitro diagnostic (IVD).  Next generation sequencing’s emerging presence in the clinical lab is auspicious for the improved responsiveness of disease control in healthcare settings and personalization of individual patient therapy.

CVS to Gain 80 Retail Clinic Locations In Target Deal

In addition to boosting its core drugstore business, CVS is about to cement its position as the largest retail clinic operator.  CVS said it will gain 80 retail health clinic locations as part of a proposed deal with Target announced June 15th.   This might be an underreported detail in a deal of this size, but we think it’s significant.   CVS has made it a goal to expand its provision of health services and to benefit from the indirect revenue clinics provide to the pharmacy operation.


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