Implementation is Not the End in the EMR Market

Dissatisfaction with electronic medical records (EMR) systems in use and the need to meet government-defined meaningful use requirements is driving sales of replacement EMR systems. Kalorama Information in Electronic Medical Records 2015 discovered that up to one third of hospitals are dissatisfied with their EMR or electronic health record (EHR) system. Software capabilities and physician user friendliness often factor into an organization’s decision to upgrade or switch EMR vendors.

Illumina GenoLogics Purchase: Securing a Pathway for Instrument Usage

Illumina’s deal to buy long-time partner GenoLogics and its Clarity platform is evidence of a trend: that makers of analytical equipment are turning to IT systems to boost user loyalty and consumable growth.   These types of deals are becoming more common.  Whether through purchases or partnerships, companies are gaining IT capabilities.  Kalorama estimates the market for laboratory information systems for clinical laboratories to be $926 million in 2015, but their value-added to other equipment markets can be much greater.

Survey Highlights Small Beginnings, Great Potential for mHealth App Market

Full coverage of the mHealth market is available from Kalorama Information’s recently published mHealth Markets Worldwide.

mHealth’s potential will spring from the reality that more of the global population today has better accessibility to wireless devices and mobile services than convenient, localized primary care. Doctors are now able to interact with and provide therapies and preliminary diagnoses to patients using wireless devices and communication. Using mobile device apps, patients...

FDA Warning Formalizes Growing Cybersecurity Concerns for Medical Devices

Various investigators have already demonstrated the IT vulnerabilities of sensitive devices such as infusion pumps and implantable devices prior to this first-ever FDA warning; however, the warning also comes after years of heightened recall activity and product issues for infusion pumps. The critical role of infusion pumps – intravenously administering pharmaceuticals to patients at correct and accurate dosage rates – drew the attention of cybersecurity experts years ago...

Test Sample Delivery by Drone is Possible: Study Released at AACC 2015

Patient samples can survive at least 40 minutes in a hobby-sized drone and be suitable for testing which could pave the way for drone sample delivery.  This per a study by the Johns Hopkins University announced at the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo in Atlanta, GA last week.  The meeting was attended by over 18,000 laboratory professionals and 784 exhibitors.  This year’s meeting was held in Atlanta, Georgia.  


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