Eurofins Acquisitions Highlight Leading Growth Areas in Clinical Laboratory Services Market

Eurofins Scientific, a leading global provider of “bioanalytical” laboratory testing services with projected 2014 revenue of approximately $1.7 billion, recently broadened its business activities into the clinical space with two acquisitions.

Rising Diagnostics Standards Drive Growth in Women’s Health Market

Once limited to obstetrics and gynecology, women’s health now encompasses the fields of urology, maternal-fetal medicine, oncology, and even autoimmune diseases such as cystic fibrosis. In recent years, specialty diagnostics have in part driven exceptional growth in women’s health compared to the overall markets for in vivo (medical imaging) and in vitro (lab testing) diagnostics. Continued penetration and standardization of several diagnostic procedures are expected to lead market growth for women’s health diagnostics through 2018.

Demand Surges for Biologics Production As Capacity Nears Limit

The biopharmaceutical and vaccine production market is estimated to reach $41 billion in 2014, according to our  recent report on the industry.   Firms are near capacity with the amount of biologic development.     It is estimated there are more than 400 biotech drug products and vaccines targeting hundreds of the diseases in the pipeline. Over the next several years, as the number of biologics produced increases, the demand for biologic manufacturing capacity will continue to increase.

Building a Better Veterinary Diagnostics Business – Thermo Fisher and Zoetis

Served by myriad companies differentiated by product strengths, the veterinary diagnostics market has had few dedicated or comprehensive market players outside of IDEXX Laboratories. The market leader serves the companion animal veterinary clinic market – offering veterinary platforms for clinical chemistry, hematology, coagulation, urinalysis, critical care, and routine infectious disease testing – and food animal testing market.

Sale of a Third Siemens Healthcare Unit: Will The Company Stay in IVD?

If the recent sale of its audiology unit was the only such move made this year, there would be no question about the place of Siemens in the healthcare market. But this recent sale is one of three. Siemens is the third largest company in IVD, according to Kalorama Information's biennial survey of the IVD market, with 5.5 billion in IVD revenues last year. In July Siemens agreed to sell its clinical microbiology business to Beckman Coulter, a subsidiary of Danaher Corp.


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