Biotech Funding Deals and Partnerships: Analysis of Recent Venture Capital and Corporate Capital Funding and Other Transactions

May 20, 2014
156 Pages - Pub ID: KLI5248409
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Recent Biotech Funding, Deals and Partnerships

Nearly one out of every 8 dollars invested in companies are invested in biotech. Biotech investment has increased significantly in the past few years, and 2013 saw a notable spike. In the last few years, this has resulted in a complex series of deals and transactions, ranging from complete buyouts, to licensing transactions, to a variety of collaborative arrangements. In addition to this influx of corporate capital, biotechnology companies have seen a significant influx of venture capital, as investors invest in new science and technology that they believe have potential in the clinic.

This Kalorama Information report, Recent Biotech Funding Deals and Partnerships, attempts to provide clarity on the phenomenon. The report analyzes the recent, current and potential landscape for investing in the biotechnology sector.

Included in the report's coverage are the following data points
  • 56 Key Biotech Deals Analyzed: Financial Details and Therapeutic Potential
  • Venture Capital Dollar Trends, Overall Dollars Invested 2009-2013 (in US billions)
  • Health Care as a Percentage of Total Venture Investment, 2009-2012 (in US billions)
  • Biotech Companies Raising Series A Dollars, 2009-2012, Greater than $2 Million
  • Number of Biotech Series A Companies by Indication Oncology,
  • Platform Discovery, Diagnostics, CNS, Autoimmune)
  • Biotech Total Deal Value, 2005-2012
  • IPO Statistics
  • Personalized Medicine Disclosed M&A Number of Deals by Focus, 2010-2013
Analyzed are both venture and corporate capital funding efforts. In addition, the report looks at other collaborative approaches, including licensing, joint ventures and partnerships aimed at moving product candidates into the market place as approved therapies, especially if they address unmet medical needs.

This report also reviews the nature and direction of funding trends, and reviews the important role that investments play in moving technology into the market place. The report profiles several biotechnology sector companies and the deals that they were involved in from 2011 to 2014. Some of the companies and transactions profiled in the report include: Alkermes, Boston Biomedical, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, immatics biotechnologies, Micromet, Reata Pharmaceuticals, UCB and Xoma.

The information presented in this report is the result of data gathered from company product literature and other corporate brochures and documents, as well as information found in the scientific and trade press. In addition, interviews were conducted with executives and analysts.

The following are among the companies covered in this report:
  • Abbott
  • AC Immune SA
  • Adimab
  • Aileron Therapeutics Inc.
  • Atara Biotherapeutics
  • Cellectis
  • Clarus Ventures
  • CoStim Pharmaceuticals
  • Covagen AG
  • Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Editas Medicine
  • Enanta Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Endocyte Inc.
  • Evotec
  • Forma Therapeutics
  • Galapagos NV
  • Mannkind Corp.
  • Melinta Therapeutics
  • Micromet
  • Novartis
  • OncoMed
  • Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Otonomy Inc.
  • Pharmasset
  • Seattle Genetics Inc.
  • Royalty Pharma
  • Roche
  • Sutro Biopharma Inc.
  • Thesan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • UCB Inc.
  • Voyager Therapeutics
  • Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Xoma Corp.

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