Contract Manufacturing in Orthopedics Devices: Markets for Hip and Knee Implants

Feb 1, 2009
50 Pages - Pub ID: KLI2094588
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This Kalorama report, Contract Manufacturing in Orthopedics Devices: Markets for Hip and Knee Implants provides market size and forecast for the most utilized orthopedic devices. A global report, the business is calculated and forecasted for the United States, Europe, Asia and Rest of World. This report should be of interest to both the established and new entrant CMs that are engaged in customer retention with existing revenues and established business, or generating new revenue streams from the high growth medical device global marketers.

The medical devices industry is going through considerable change globally with continuing consolidation within the historical dominant marketers and manufacturers. Across selected high growth medical device segments, competitive market forces are driving the global marketers to review and scrutinize their manufacturing costs, and efficiencies to improve profit margins and open up new revenue streams that may be outside their existing core business.

This Kalorama Report, Contract Manufacturing in Orthopedics Devices: Markets for Hip and Knee Implants contains an industry overview, trend assessment and market revenue estimate for the two most common orthopedic implants - hip and knee. The report looks at the following segments of implants:

  • Hip Primary
  • Partial Hip
  • Hip Revision
  • Knee Primary
  • Partial Knee
  • Knee Revision
A global report, market estimates for the following regions are provided
  • U.S.
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • ROW
  • Global
As with all Kalorama reports, primary and secondary research was conducted in the construction of this report. This report discusses implant market trends, contract manufacturing trends and market estimates for hip and knee implants. This report does not include specific company data or product reviews.

The following trends are discussed in this report:

  • Aging Population
  • Likelihood of Replacement/Revision Surgery
  • Hip Resurfacing Versus Replacement
  • Financial Ties To Medical Products Companies
  • Increased Competition Among CMs
  • Customer Centric Marketing
  • CM Managing from A to Z
  • Emerging Markets

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