Epigenetics: Applications for Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics (Methylation, Histone Modification and miRNA expression)

Aug 10, 2012
160 Pages - Pub ID: KLI3860511
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Epigenetics (“Epi”; “over “ or “above” genetics) is recognized as those systems that control the expression of DNA-coded genes, but do not reside in the base pair sequences of the DNA. Rather, these control mechanisms are based on factors or molecules that bind to specific regions of the DNA (the genome), affecting gene expression. The three most important, and best understood mechanisms, are:
  • Methylation, 
  • Histone Modulation and
  • Micro RNA (or miRNA) Regulation
This report an assessment of commercial outlook for each one of these categories.  It includes market size and forecast for epigenetics in pharmaceutical and diagnostic applications.  Epigenetics constitutes a challenge to the long held paradigm of DNA base pair sequences as the prime determinant of the phenotype. Because of this profound intellectual shift, a vast new area of biological investigation is rapidly unfolding. This presents significant opportunities for understanding disease processes and developing the means of combating them.

The examination of many diseases in a completely new light means there exist a wealth of opportunities to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. At the same time it means that outdated concepts will have to be revised.  This report looks at the science behind epigenetics and deals with opportunities for product development based on epigenetic technologies and the outlook for the future in this exciting area of pharmaceutical technologies.  In doing so, the report provides:
  • Which Mechanisms Are Mostly Likely to  Produce Working Therapeutic Products?
  • Discussion of the Basic Science and Mechanisms Behind Epigenetics
  • Activities of Top Companies in the Market
  • Interviews with Researchers and Private Sector Leaders
  • Market Estimates for Current Epigenomic Drugs and Forecast to 2017
  • Market Estimates for Current Epigenomic Diagnostics and Comparison to Next Gen Cancer Diagnostics Market
  • Analyst Conclusions Regarding the Future Market for Epigenomics
  • Key Healthcare Segments Impacted by Epigenomics
  • Examples of Clinically Relevant Epigenetic Biomarkers
  • Currently Approved Epigenomic Drugs
  • Epigenetic Drivers of Disease
  • Pharmaceutical R&D: A Need for Better Returns
  • Look at Applications in Alzheimer’s Disease, Mental Illness, Auto-Immune Diseases, Autism and Cardiovascular Disease

The report strives to predict the potential for epigenomics while reminding market-watchers of the challenges and possible limiting factors in this market.  

Mabs" and molecular tests are among the growth industries of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, but they may have competition long-term from an unexpected source. 

Epigenetics is a potential game-changer in the clinical therapeutics market and significant in testing as well. It refers to technologies involving changes in genetic material that find their origins in causes other than base pairs alterations in the DNA of the host.  Examples of such changes include DNA methylation and histone acetylation, both of which have been known for many years to cause changes in gene expression. This report Epigenetics, Present and Future Applications for Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics describes the progress that has been made in our understanding of the basic science of epigenomics and considers the practical accomplishments being reported by the private sector. 

The study of epigenomics today finds itself at a tuningpoint, with many unanswered questions and a proliferation of opportunities forproducts based on the constant flow of new research findings.  This report is essential for pharmaceutical and diagnostic marketers looking to develop future business plans and determine opportunities in a promising field.  

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