Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Control Markets: Disinfection, Area, Sterilization, Device Sterilization, Testing-C.diff, Testing-MRSA, Treatments

May 7, 2014
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Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Control Markets: Disinfection, Area, Sterilization, Device Sterilization, Testing-C.diff, Testing-MRSA, Treatments

Infections from activities and procedures taking place within a healthcare facility have become a cause for great concern. These infection may occur in a postoperative wound or as a complication unrelated to the disease or condition. This report, Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) Control Markets: focuses on the market opportunities for companies that can assist hospitals and other healthcare facilities with important HAI mitigation tasks including: preventing, testing and treating infections in the healthcare environment.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that around 1 in 20 or 5% of hospitalized patients will contract an HAI. Worldwide, the rate of nosocomial infections is between 3.5% and 12% of admissions in developed regions. This is driving the demand for products and services. The report focuses on three areas: Prevention, Testing and Treatment and will provide a market analysis for each of the important segments:
  • Disinfection
  • Wide-Area Sterilization
  • Device Sterilization
  • HAI Testing – C.diff
  • HAI Testing – MRSA
  • HAI Testing - Others
  • HAI Treatment –Antibiotic Products
For each larger segment (Prevention, Testing and Treatment) company market share is provided. For each larger segment (Prevention, Testing, Treatment) regional market share is provided for the following countries and regions: US, Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan, Canada, China, Mexico, Brazil, Africa, India, Rest of World.

Market analysis in this report considers primarily the epidemiological considerations and the size patient groups both in the United States and globally, where available. We have accumulated the most recent data available, understanding that virtually no organization does extensive studies on these applications on a regular basis. Many studies are highly localized and may only apply to a community, state or country (more often countries that are not a part of the majormarkets for nosocomial diagnostic and therapeutic products). In many instances, we have had to draw from broader epidemiologic data, that is, on data that reach outside of the hospital and primary care environment in order to construct a picture of the infection prevention, testing and treatment needs.

As part of the report’s coverage, the following trends are discussed:
  • Nosocomial Infection Statistics
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Funding
  • Populations at Risk for Infection
  • Infection Risk Assessments by Hospital Department
  • Increased Hospital Length of Stay for HAIs
  • International Trends in Nursing Facilities
  • U.S. Government's National Plan to Prevent Healthcare
  • Government Funding for HAI Prevention Infrastructure Activities
  • Israel Reduction in HAIs
  • Arizona Prevention Study
  • Connecticut Funding for HAI Prevention and Reporting
  • Pennsylvania Study of HAI Admissions and Readmissions
  • Infections and Drug Resistance
  • Screening Trends
  • Trends in Partnerships and Alliances
  • Current Burden of HAI Statistics
The analysis presented in this report is based on data from a combination of company, government, industry, institutional and private sources. It includes information from extensive literature reviews and discussions with experts in the field, including microbiologists, pathologists, hospital authorities, reimbursement specialists, research scientists, business development managers and marketing managers. The following companies are profiled in this report:
  • Advanced Sterilization Products
  • Becton, Dickinson and Company
  • Belimed
  • bioMerieux
  • Cantel
  • Cepheid
  • Getinge Group
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Merck & Co
  • Nordion
  • Pfizer
  • Roche
  • Sakura Seiki
  • Steris
  • Tso3

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