Hernia Repair Device Markets and Procedures

Nov 6, 2012
185 Pages - Pub ID: KLI4904125
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The hernia repair product market consists of products such as mesh materials, devices including fixation, equipment such as endoscopes, and instruments such as hand tools. The market has experienced steady demand and hernia repair procedures are consistent from year to year.

This report, Hernia Repair Device Markets and Procedures looks at the hernia repair industry segment. New product innovation, a steady demand for superior products by surgeons, and increasing procedure volumes will likely fuel growth over the next five years. It is expected that the hernia repair segment will become increasingly competitive over the next five years as small, niche companies expand product development and licensing options.

The report breaks out the market by product type: The worldwide hernia equipment market is composed of four major product types:
  • Polymer and Prosthetic Mesh
  • Biologic Materials
  • Surgical Equipment, Endoscopes
  • Surgical Equipment, Fixation Equipment
  • Market numbers are provided for:

  • United States
  • Europe
  • Asia and Rest of World
With the need to reduce the rate of hernia recurrence, as well as postoperative pain and convalescence, the treatment of hernias underwent a dramatic evolution over the past 15 years. The major advances included the introduction of the concept of tension-free hernia surgery, the use of prosthetic and biologic materials, and the advancement of laparoscopic techniques for hernia repair.

The development of prosthetic materials ushered in the current era of hernia surgery, allowing a tension-free repair to be performed even for the largest defects and the most difficult procedures. Tension-free mesh-based repairs (e.g., Lichtenstein, plug and patch) began to increase in number in the late 1980s. More recently, with the advent of laparoscopy for general surgery, various laparoscopic techniques have been developed for hernia repair. Laparoscopic mesh-based techniques dominate the inguinal hernia repair marketplace. The Lichtenstein tension-free mesh onlay repair is the most frequently performed inguinal hernia operation, with a recurrence rate of less than 1%. Although the use of laparoscopic techniques for bilateral or recurrent hernias is now accepted, the application of laparoscopy to unilateral primary inguinal hernias remains controversial.

The report’s geographic scope is worldwide with information for specific geographical regions; world demographics; life expectancy by country, and other general issues affecting the market. Information is presented as a worldwide overview, with special emphasis on the U.S., Europe, and other key markets. A market summary includes market analysis by product and region and a competitive analysis of leading providers. Additionally, key company profiles are included.

The information for this report was gathered using both primary and secondary research including comprehensive research of secondary sources such as company literature, databases, investment reports, and medical and business journals. Telephone interviews and email correspondence were the primary method of gathering information. For the purpose of this study, Kalorama Information conducted interviews with key industry officials, consultants, health care providers, and government personnel. These sources were the primary basis in gathering information specifically relating to revenue and market share data presented in this report. Additional interviews were completed with relevant company representatives including marketing directors, division managers, and product representatives.

Some of the issues and trends impacting the market today and in the future include:
  • Hernia Surgery and Pain Issues
  • Advances in Hernia Repair
  • Sports Hernia Repair
  • Fetal Treatment of Hernia Repair
  • Robotics, MIS and Hernia Repair
  • Training and Education
  • Kugel Recall
  • Biotextile Hernia Implants
  • Obesity, Men, and Hernia Development
  • Patent Analysis
All market data pertains to the world market at the manufacturers’ level. The base year for data was 2012. Historical data was provided for the years 2010 and 2011, with forecast data provided for 2013 through 2017. Compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) are provided for 2010-2017 periods for each region and/or segment covered. Competitive analysis is provided for the year 2012. The forecasted market analysis for 2013-2017 was largely based on demographic trends, new developments, innovative technology and global expansion.

Companies covered in the report include:

B Braun Aesculap
Biomerix Corporation
C.R. Bard/Davol
Easy Lap
Evexar Medical
Insightra Medical
Karl Stroz GMbH
Minnesota Medical Development
Olympus Corporation
Pfm Medical ag
Stryker Corporation
Surgical IOC
Synovis Life Technologies
TEI BioSciences
W.L. Gore

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