The World Market for Point of Care (POC) Diagnostics

Dec 6, 2012
200 Pages - Pub ID: KLI4891643
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 Point-of-care (POC) tests are diagnostic tests that are performed at or near the site where the patient is located. They are performed in decentralized settings, outside of central hospital laboratories or centralized reference laboratories. Growth in POC testing is being fueled by many factors including the growing number of people with diabetes, the globalization of infectious diseases and the associated public health issues, advances in therapies giving physicians more tools for treatment of patients if the doctor is able to rapidly diagnose the problem, the need to monitor an ever-growing group of people with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, cancer and other chronic conditions, and many other factors.

Point of Care Testing (POCT) is attracting considerable investor and industry activity.  This Kalorama Information report, The World Market for Point of Care Diagnostics, the result of primary and secondary research into the point of care diagnostics market, presents the most current analysis of the POC Diagnostics industry and the role it plays in medical practice. This report takes an in depth look at the market, technologies, and trends in decentralized testing, looking at both self-testing by patients (also referred to as the over-the-counter (OTC) market, and at point-of-care testing by healthcare professionals.

As part of this report's coverage, the following data is included:

  • Molecular POC Test Products and the Future of Molecular POC
  • Self-Testing Point of Care Test Market by Category, Worldwide (Glucose, Infectious Diseases, Critical Care, Cardiac Markers, Hematology, Coagulation, Fecal Occult Blood, HbA1c, Cholesterol/Lipids, Drugs of Abuse, Pregnancy/Ovulation, Other)
  • Professional Point of Care Testing Market by Test Category, Worldwide, 2011 and 2016 (Glucose, Pregnancy/Ovulation, Fecal occult blood, Coagulation, Drugs of abuse, Cholesterol, HIV, Other)
  • Regional Breakout of POC Market (US, EU, Japan, ROW)
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring Markets
  • Small Footprint and POC Chemistry Systems
  • Small Footprint and POC Hematology Systems
  • Small Footprint and POC Immunoassay Systems
  • Non-Invasive Testing Innovations
  • Miniaturization and Microfluidics Innovations
  • POC Test Revenues of Selected IVD Companies
  • Selected Rapid HIV Tests on the Market
  • Comparative Effectiveness, Healthcare Reform and Other Trends in IVD
  • Hospital POCT, Physician Office POCT, Critical Care POCT
All countries are feeling the brunt of aging populations and an increased burden of chronic disease management. Employers and insurance companies are interested in improving the health of customers, and there are some innovative tactics developing in this area. The report is conservative in its predictions and offers a calculated look into the future, based on events currently taking place.

The field for rapid test devices is crowded. This report profiles 140 companies that currently market POC, plus more than 40 additional companies that are developing POC technologies and products or that have just recently entered this market. Companies profiled in this report are using a wide range of different technologies to develop and market rapid tests for much of the range of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests that can be performed in centralized laboratories.

The report offers a quantitative assessment of specific markets, worldwide, in U.S. dollars for 2011 to 2016. Information is provided in order to set the status quo of tests and technologies, and to get a look at what is coming. The report also discusses how these tests will affect the economics of healthcare over the near term and longer when possible.

    As part of Kalorama Information's comprehensive coverage of Point of Care Diagnostics the following companies are discussed:

  • 1 Step Detect Associates
  • 3M
  • 3test
  • 77 Elektronika Kft.
  • A. Menarini Diagnostics
  • Abaxis, Inc.
  • Abbott Diagnostics
  • AccuBioTech Co., Ltd.
  • Accumetrics
  • Accutech
  • Acon Laboratories
  • Acrongenomics Inc.
  • Advanced Care Products
  • Advanced Microdevices Pvt. Ltd.
  • Aerscher Diagnostics
  • AgaMetrix, Inc.
  • Aimedics (Australia)
  • Akers Biomedical
  • Alere
  • Alfa Scientific Designs, Inc.
  • Alfa Wassermann Diagnostic Technologies, LLC
  • Alliance International Co., Ltd.
  • All Medicus
  • Amedica Biotech
  • American Bio Medica Corp
  • American Screening Corporation
  • AmeriTek
  • Ampcor
  • Analyticon Biotechnologies AG
  • Ani Biotech/Ani Laboratories
  • Apex Biotechnology Corp.
  • Applied Microarrays
  • ARJ Medical
  • ARKRAY, Inc.
  • Arlington Scientific, Inc.
  • Artron Laboratories
  • AspenBio Pharma, Inc.
  • Ativa Medical
  • Atlas Genetics
  • Atlas Link Biotech Co., Ltd.
  • Atonomics A/S
  • Audit Diagnostics
  • Autobio Diagnostics Co., Ltd.
  • Aventir Biotech
  • Axis-Shield plc
  • Axxin
  • AZOG, Inc.
  • B.R.A.H.M.S. AG
  • Bayer Diabetes Care
  • Beckman Coulter Inc.
  • Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD)
  • Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc.
  • EKF-diagnostic Gmb
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Inverness Medical Innovations
  • Lifescan Inc.
  • Medtronic Inc.
  • Meridian Bioscience
  • Nanomix, Inc.
  • Nanosphere, Inc.
  • OraSure Technologies, Inc.
  • Qiagen N.V.
  • Quidel Corporation
  • Radiometer A/S
  • Roche Diagnostics
  • Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
  • Sysmex CorporationThermo Scientific
  • and many other POC Competitors...

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