The Market and Potential for Molecular Point of Care Diagnostics

Feb 5, 2014
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 The molecular diagnostic market and the point-of-care (POC) testing markets are two of the fastest growing segments of the overall IVD market. Historically, these have been completely different market segments.  Not anymore.  There has been a growing interest in developing molecular diagnostic platforms that can be used in POC settings.   Indeed, as this new market research report from Kalorama Information details, the emerging area of rapid molecular POC testing has attracted over $650 million in investments and financings over the past five years (2009 to 2013).

This report, The Market and Potential for Molecular Point of Care Diagnostics, offers a quantitative assessment of the molecular diagnostic market, and of the point-of-care (POC) testing market, and then looks at the emerging field of molecular diagnostic POC testing.   Many companies are developing molecular diagnostic platforms and assays that are designed to for near-patient or POC testing, and the earliest of these systems are starting to reach the market. The initial market focus for most of these companies is on infectious disease testing, where rapid test results generate important actionable information that physicians can use to make treatment decisions. 

Superior Data For Business Planning

As part of this coverage, the report provides:

•             Profiles of Molecular POC Companies and Products 
•             Market Estimates for Molecular Diagnostics and POC Diagnostics 2013-2018
•             Investments and Financing Agreements for POC Molecular
•             Infectious Disease Diagnostics Opportunities
•             Agreements Between with Other Diagnostic Companies
•             Acquisitions of Molecular Diagnostic Near-Patient/Point-of-Care Companies
•             Investor Spending in Molecular POC
•             Deals Made Recently in Point of Care
•             Profiles of Key Companies in the Market

Advances in molecular diagnostic technologies, combined with advances in microfluidics and other instrumentation technologies, are making it possible to develop new platforms and tests that meet the needs of a true POC system. Platforms for molecular diagnostic POC testing need to be small, portable, potentially hand-held, easy-to-use, and inexpensive. They need to be fully automated from sample to answer, so that they can be used by individuals who are not highly trained in molecular diagnostics or in laboratory testing in general.

Detailed Lists of Companies, Products, Recent Deals

Market analyses in this report cover world markets for molecular diagnostic point of care tests. However, the reader will find a bias toward the developed areas of the globe -- North America, Japan and Western Europe. Yet, it is important to remember that health and infectious disease are a growing global problem. Molecular diagnostic point-of-care tests represent an important aspect of bringing healthcare limited resource settings, and some sections of this report specifically focus on these activities. Market data in this report are based on factory sales to the end user, and not on retail pricing or reimbursement payments.

The information presented in this report is derived from publicly available information sources such as company reports and announcements, government reports and databases, medical organization reports, medical associations, and other publications. The analysis is based on the author's industry knowledge combined with literature searches and discussions with industry professionals and experts in the areas of point-of-care tests, decentralized healthcare and healthcare economics.

Over 75 companies involved in this market are profiled in this report. As expected with any group of start-up companies, many are struggling or are surviving on limited financial resources. However, some new companies that are focusing on molecular diagnostic POC testing have received significant investments.  The following are among the many companies profiled in this report. 

• Abacus Diagnostica Oy
• Access Bio, Inc.
• Ahram Biosystems, Inc.
• Akers Biosciences, Inc.
• Akonni Biosystems, Inc.
• Alere Inc.
• Amplino
• Analytik Jena AG
• Aquila Diagnostic Systems Inc.
• Atlas Genetics Ltd
• Atonomics A/S
• Axxin
• BD Diagnostics
• Biocartis SA
• BioFire Diagnostics, Inc.
• bioMérieux sa
• Canon U.S. Life Sciences
• Cepheid
• Coris BioConcept
• Curetis AG
• DestiNA Genomics Ltd.
• Diagnostics for All (DFA)
• Diagnostics for the Real World, Ltd.
• DiaSorin S.p.A.
• Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd.
• Enigma Diagnostics Limited
• Epistem
• Espira, Inc.
• Focus Diagnostics, Inc.
• GenePOC Inc.
• Great Basin Corporation
• Instrumentation Laboratory
• IQuum, Inc.
• Life Technologies Corporation
• LiquiLume Diagnostics, Inc.
• Lumora Ltd
• Mast Group Ltd.
• MBio Diagnostics, Inc.
• Meridian Bioscience, Inc.
• Micronics Inc. (A Sony Group Company)
• Molbio Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.
• MP Biomedicals, LLC
• MycroLab Diagnostics Pty Ltd.
• Nanobiosym (NBS)
• Nanobiosym Diagnostics (NBSDx)
• NanoBioSys Inc.
• NanoDetection Technology, Inc. (NDT)
• NanoIVD, Inc.
• Nanomix, Inc
• Nanosphere, Inc.
• NetBio, Inc.
• NorChip
• OptiGene Ltd.
• PositiveID Corporation
• QuantuMDx Group
• Quidel Corporation
• Seegene, Inc.
• Spartan Bioscience Inc.
• Veredus Laboratories
• Wave 80 Biosciences
• Xagenic Inc.

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