Virtual Reality in U.S. Healthcare (Markets for Remote Surgery, 3D Modeling, Pain Distraction and Other Applications)

Aug 1, 2007
158 Pages - Pub ID: KLI1514009
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The use of virtual reality (VR) technologies in the healthcare field is not simply a far-away future possibility. Technologies are already in place and the benefits from the application of VR are already evident in the healthcare domain. These applications provide doctors an opportunity to perform tasks in a risk-free environment, and make training accessible for a large number of students as the apprenticeship of experienced doctors is not necessary. Additionally, VR simulators allow medical professionals to remain abreast with the latest technical procedures required in the profession.

Kalorama Information's Virtual Reality in U.S. Healthcare looks at the realistic market for these technologies as divided on the basis of four application areas:

  • Surgery, including pre-operative planning, Assisted surgery and Remote Surgery.
  • Education and Training, including Training of Physicians and Certifying Experienced Physicians.
  • Rehabilitation and Therapy, including Psychological Therapy and Pain Distraction
  • Visualization of Medical Data including Diagnostic Tools, 3 D modeling and Remote Collaboration.
For each segment, the report details current market size, growth factors and trends, and forecasts to 2010. Additionally, this report contains a complete demand-side analysis demonstrating the drivers for VR applications in the following customer areas:
  • The Department of Defense for Remote Surgery Assistance, Training, Patient Rehabilitation
  • Medical Schools seeking to enhance Training Programs
  • Hospitals for Training and Specialty Surgery Certification.
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturers Seeking to design appropriate models.
As part of Kalorama's information-gathering process, both primary and secondary sources make up this report. Trade and medical literature were researched, as well as company and government data. True insights originated from interviews with executives at companies operating in the healthcare and VR industries.

Healthcare is an important marketplace for emerging technologies, this is one of several areas of healthcare technology that Kalorama Information has looked into. Along with Kalorama Information's RFID Opportunities in Healthcare and Wireless Opportunities in Healthcare marketing and product management executives at technology and healthcare companies will find this report a useful resource.

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