U.S. Markets in Analytical Chip Technology: Gene, Protein, Tissue, Cell, and Microbiological Microarrays, 2nd Ed.

   Single User - $3,500
   Corporate License - $7,000

Published Jun 1, 2005 | 486 Pages | Pub ID: KLI1087961

Analytical microchips continue to be among the fastest growing technology segments of the life sciences. The range of applications to which these miniature laboratories may be directed is very broad, covering fields as different as pharmaceutical development, food testing, clinical diagnostics, forensics, and environmental analysis. Moreover, while the number of such products is currently limited, the number of applications is rapidly expanding through the development of significant enabling technologies.

This completely updated 2nd edition of Kalorama’s popular 2003 study thoroughly re-examines the markets, applications, technologies, and players in the microchip and microarray fields, including:

  • DNA/Gene Microarrays
  • Protein Microarrays
  • Cell Microarrays
  • Tissue Microarrays
  • Microbiology Microarrays
  • Process Microchips

In addition to re-evaluating the markets and potential of the various technologies, the 400-page 2nd edition adds process chips—a new area—to the scope of the study. Extensive listings of products and enabling technologies as well as extensive profiles of the industry’s top participants, product reviews and R&D directions, and strategic planning and alliances are also included.

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