Analytical Chip Technology - U.S. Markets for Lab on a Chip, DNA/Gene, Protein, and other Microarrays, 3rd. Edition

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Published Nov 1, 2007 | 276 Pages | Pub ID: KLI1393085

Analytical microchips can be considered one of the fastest growing technology segments in life sciences. The range of applications to which these miniature laboratories may be directed is very broad — covering fields as different as pharmaceutical development, food testing, clinical diagnostics, forensics, and environmental analysis.

Kalorama's Analytical Chip Technology: U.S. Markets for Lab on a Chip, DNA/Gene, Protein and other Microarrasys) 3rd. Edition looks at the market for analytical microchips with a unique methodology -- the market is expressed in terms of its potential as opposed to experienced and projected revenues. As the author Ken Krul states,

"The status of the current market in terms of revenues is misleading of the potential market as a whole. It does not allow for the understanding of the potential of unmet need. The difference can be as stark as the difference between the surface of the sun and the dark side of the moon."
This is a particular important point in a growing research-based market such as analytical chips. In this report, Krul's unique analysis is based on:
  • The current and expected levels of genomic and proteomic research;
  • The general trends in technological development for genomics and proteomics, and other factors that affect those trends;
  • The trends in pharmaceutical research and development, both in terms of technology and the need for high-throughput approaches and equipment; and
  • Costs of analysis based on studies of actual research and projected costs of new technologies by those engaged in their development.
The report breaks up microchip usage into the following segments and forecasts to 2017:
  • DNA/Genetics
  • Protein
  • Cell
  • Tissue
  • Microbiology
  • Process ("Lab on a Chip")
The analysis presented in this report is based on data from a combination of company, government, industrial, institutional and private sources. It includes information from extensive literature reviews, as well as interviews and discussions with experts in the field, including experts in genomics and proteomics, pathologists, research scientists, and business development and marketing managers.

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