Asian In Vitro Diagnostic Markets

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Published Oct 1, 2002 | 166 Pages | Pub ID: KLI778178

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This report covers the five most important markets for in vitro diagnostics in Asia: Japan, China, India, Korea and Taiwan. The total market for diagnostics is broken down into six segments: Routine chemistry, critical care chemistry, hematology, urinalysis, coagulation and immunochemistry. The instruments working in each of the segments is summarized by company.

In chemistry, instrumentation is broken down by three levels of throughput. In critical care, instruments are divided by combination units and those doing blood gasses and those doing electrolytes. In hematology, cell counters are broken down by 5, 3, and no-diff systems. In urinalysis, strip readers are broken down by large and small instruments. In coagulation, instruments are broken down by automated and semi-automated. In immunochemistry, instruments are broken down by open and closed systems.

Market shares are provided for both instruments and reagents in all sectors. Profiles of the top ten players in each sector show the presence of that firm in the country; either by their own office or their local distributor. Finally, the report forecasts growth in both instrument and reagent sales.

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