Automated Compound Storage and Retrieval: World Markets, Trends and Opportunities

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Published Sep 1, 2002 | 161 Pages | Pub ID: KLI758367

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As combi-chem creates more lead compounds and the pace of high-throughput screening (HTS) increases, researchers are challenged to find efficient ways to store and retrieve these compounds. In some drug development programs, sample preparation, storage, and retrieval consume over 50% of their personnel and resources. Not only is compound management costly and labor intensive, it can slow down the HTS process. A major issue is maintaining the quality of stored compounds after repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Another concern for big pharma is how to find ways to share compound libraries between research units in different locations. Storing and retrieving compounds has become a major bottleneck that cries out for better solutions.

Fortunately, some of the same creative suppliers that pioneered HTS and ultra-HTS have begun addressing these problems. Specialty suppliers have come up with their own solutions. These range from simple, semi-automated storage boxes to totally integrated, room-sized, multi-million dollar systems. Pharma companies are pushing suppliers for better solutions. This has created a lively and dynamic market.

Automated Compound Storage and Retrieval is the first market research study to address this vital and growing marketplace. The primary audience for the report will be marketing and product planning people at companies providing products for automated compound storage and retrieval (ACSR). However, it will also be useful to companies considering entering this field, start-ups with potentially unique products and capabilities in this area and for pharma and biotech companies struggling with the issues of compound management.

The study was designed to answer the following questions about the world market for ACSR products:

  • What are the problems and issues relating to compound storage and retrieval?
  • How are these problems and issues affecting the success of HTS programs?
  • What are some examples of ACSR solutions that have been advanced?
  • How have big pharma companies utilized these solutions?
  • What is big pharma looking for when designing a ACSR system?
  • What types of ACSR products have suppliers made available?
  • Who are the major suppliers of these products, and how are they shaping the market?
  • What is the size of the market? Market growth? Major segments?
  • What are the major unmet needs in ACSR? What opportunities do these needs create?
  • What does the future hold for ACSR?

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