Biomarkers: A Market Briefing

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Published Jan 1, 2007 | 90 Pages | Pub ID: KLI1059917

Personalized medicine, the use of therapies that are targeted to the individual patient, is a reality today, thanks to a growing emphasis on biomarker research. Biomarkers promise a smoother integration of diagnostics and therapeutics, and most importantly a reduction in time and cost for Phase I and II clinical trials.

Anyone looking to take advantage of the opportunities the market for biomarker research offers will find Kalorama’s Biomarkers: A Market Briefing an essential study of this emerging market. Not only does the report explain the types of biomarkers and their myriad diagnostic applications, it tracks current revenue and forecasts revenue for the following diagnostic segments:

  • Cancer (Breast, Ovarian, Prostate, Bladder and Cervical)
  • EGFR Testing
  • Stroke Diagnosis

Recently, interest in biomarkers has soared due to their proven ability to speed up pharmaceutical R&D efforts. Biomarkers can increase the efficiency and reduce the risks of the drug development process. New trial designs and clear guidelines for using efficacy and safety biomarkers in product development will increase the pace and reduce the cost of developing safe and effective medical products.

Biomarkers have been shown to reduce time and cost for Phase I and II clinical trials by replacing clinical endpoints. This is expected to produce the most profitable segment of the market for companies in this industry. Kalorama’s Biomarkers: A Market Briefing provides detailed information on how this promising application for biomarkers is already shaping the market, producing over $200 million in revenue and expected to quintuple in the next four years. The report details the revenues associated with clinical trials biomarker application through 2009, including data on geographic regional revenues.

Biomarkers: A Market Briefing discusses the major products currently marketed in each disease category as well as the important issues and trends that serious entrants into this market must take notice of. In-depth profiles of need-to-know companies in this market are provided, including:

  • Biophysical Corp.
  • Charles River Laboratories Inc.
  • Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • DeCODE Genetics
  • Diologic Corp.
  • Health Discovery Corp.
  • Illumina Inc.
  • Imgenex Corp.
  • Insilicos LLC
  • Metabolon Inc.
  • Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Peakadilly
  • PPD Inc.
  • Proteome Sciences plc
  • Rules-Based Medicine Inc.
  • Targeted Molecular Diagnostics LLC

Kalorama’s trusted information-gathering process provides the most accurate study of the market for biomarkers available today. Information and analysis presented in this report is based on extensive interviews with senior management of top companies and in the biomarker arena. While major research literature and government information is culled, information is corroborated and key market insights originate from interviews with industry leaders.

Product managers, marketing managers, business development executives, advertising agency or investment firm executives, and information and research center librarians are among the individuals who will find this briefing on the emerging market for biomarkers essential.

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