The Market for Clinical Chemistry: Forecasts to 2019

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Published Apr 17, 2015 | 60 Pages | Pub ID: KLI5531735

The Market for Clinical Chemistry

Routine clinical chemistry comprises 30 to 40 tests of substrates, metabolites, electrolytes, blood gases, enzymes and lipids that can be organized into panels for specialty patient investigation and routine patient screening. Common specialty panels include those for renal clearance, liver function, and metabolic status. Clinical chemistries are performed on analyzers with varying levels of automation depending on the test volume run at a particular test site.

The market for routine clinical chemistries can be segmented in high and low volume users. High volume users are found in large urban and regional hospital and private laboratories. Low volume users are found in non-laboratory tests sites within the hospital, physician office labs, small and medium sized hospitals and community laboratories.

The Market for Clinical Chemistry analyzes the current and potential market for clinical chemistry, featuring a market forecast for 2019. The report includes discussion of:
  • Overview of Chemistry Tests
  • Size and Growth of the Market
  • Market Trends
  • Leading Products and Prices
  • Innovations
  • Physician Office Labs (POLs)
  • Laboratory Automation
This mature industry is continuously trying to reinvent itself by improving test processes and test menus. Market growth is modest in spite of predicted explosive growth in emerging markets because developed nations account for a very large share of the market.

Leading competitors and product developers are listed in the manufacturer profiles. The profiled companies include:
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Beckman Coulter/Danaher
  • Hitachi High-Technologies Corp.
  • Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
  • Roche Diagnostics
  • Siemens Healthcare
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