Clinical Laboratory Services Market: Forecasts to 2020

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Published Oct 1, 2015 | 168 Pages | Pub ID: KLI5691758

Clinical Laboratory Services Market

This report, Clinical Laboratory Services Market, provides an in-depth market overview, a total market analysis, analysis by laboratory type, and by routine and specialty testing and a review of the latest trends driving growth. Revenues and forecasts, segment breakouts and market share presented are for the U.S. market, but international clinical lab service markets are estimated and forecasted in this report. Laboratory services are a key component of the healthcare system and an important part of the commercialization of in vitro diagnostic tests. It is estimated that approximately 80% of physician's diagnoses are a result of laboratory tests, and a fair number of these tests are sent to clinical lab service providers. There is constant pressure to reduce healthcare spending, and that in turn is shifting healthcare utilization in favor of the laboratory. This has not escaped the attention of major competitors who operate in the industry, and those planning to enter.

Key market data provided includes:

The US Clinical Laboratry Market and Forecast
Markets for Tissue Pathology
Markets for Routine Chemistry Testing
Markets for Non-Tissue Molecular
Market for Toxicology/Drug Abuse Testing
European Market and Forecast
Asian Pacific Market and Forecast
Latin American Market and Forecast
Hospital, Physician and Independent Lab Statistics
Major Tests Performed by Clinical Lab Companies

A competitive analysis of leading clinical laboratory providers includes:

Bio-Reference Laboratories
Da Vita Healthcare
Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp)
Genomic Health
Sonic Healthcare
Myriad Genetics
Genzyme Corporation
Clarient, Inc.
Spectra Laboratories

A trend towards preventive and risk factor testing has been noted in several disciplines, particularly in the areas of oncology, endocrinology, and gynecology. Physicians in these areas are taking full advantage of testing for early detection and disease prevention. This is a global report and while the United States market is a particular focus, the report contains market estimates and forecasts globally and by region.

The information in this report is the result of interviews with executives and market experts, as well as thorough research of secondary sources such as company literature, trade publications and medical and business journals. The emphasis Kalorama puts on primary research guarantees that new insights will be uncovered that are not available from any other source. The most important part of Kalorama's efforts is its superior analysis of company activities and their true significance in the marketplace.
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