The Market for Clinical Nutritional Products

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Published Aug 1, 2005 | 108 Pages | Pub ID: KLI1089382

This market briefing concentrates on the U.S. market for medical nutritional support—in particular, the enteral and parenteral foods. The continuing development of equipment, medical foods, and feeding procedures that secure the nutrition of critically ill patents has greatly improved recovery and survival in select populations. Advances in the effectiveness and safety of nutritional procedures and techniques have evolved from steady improvements, including the use of antibiotic materials, biosensors, wireless communications, and more efficient pumps and controllers. These new developments have stabilized the market and maintained a consistent market competition. Increasingly favorable epidemiology and demographics make the outlook for additional applications and concomitant market growth quite good. Growth and development of ancillary markets in nutritional supplementation, both consumer driven and clinical, are also building interest in this sector.

In addition to a thorough discussion of the drivers and constraints in the current market, the briefing provides forecasts through 2008 for the following market data:

  • Number of patients using medical nutritional supplements by product type (oral enteral, enteral tube, parenteral)
  • Revenues for enteral and parenteral nutritional supplements by type of facility (home/alternate site vs hospital/acute care)
  • Revenues for enteral and parenteral nutritional supplements by route of administration (oral enteral, enteral tube, parenteral)

Market data and forecasts are based on an examination of current market conditions, current and projected demographics, and on investigations into the development of new products by key companies. The information presented in this report is the result of data gathered from company product literature and other corporate brochures and documents, as well as information found in the scientific and trade press. In addition, interviews were conducted with various stakeholders in the clinical nutrition industry, including company executives, clinicians, insurers, regulators, researchers, and public health officials.

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