• by admin1
  • September 7 2013

AACC Meeting Provides Industry Glance

The very size of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry is a testament to the growth of the IVD industry that Kalorama has covered for decades. This year’s AACC in Houston, TX did not disappoint. 650 companies exhibited, 100 of them were new.

Key areas of interest were emerging markets for IVD, Vitamin D’s continued role in the face of controversy, and the recent Supreme Court ruling that isolated human DNA cannot be patented. AACC hosted a panel featuring ACLU Lead Counsel Sandra Park which explored this landmark decision’s impact on modern healthcare in general, and innovation in genetic research and testing in particular. There were other focuses. We noted increased competition in POC and hematology, which we will be noting in future blog posts. New tests to detect life-threatening prostate cancer, new cystic fibrosis tests that can be performed at the point of care, and new ways to determine the safety of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder drugs were also features.

For Kalorama, the meeting was a chance to connect with the industry and notice trends. Look out for future updates about the meeting from our analysts.