E-Prescriptions Drive Use of Cloud Computing

E-Prescriptions Drive Use of Cloud Computing

The demand for systems that can fill prescriptions electronically is one of the keys behind the use of cloud computing systems in healthcare, according to a report from Kalorama Information.  The global market for cloud computing in healthcare is estimated to reach $3.9 billion for 2013, representing 21.1% growth over the 2012 year.  The finding was made in Kalorama’s latest report, The World Market for Cloud Computing in Healthcare. http://www.kaloramainformation.com/Cloud-Computing-Healthcare-7776623/.

“ePrescribing creates a variety of storage responsibilities for both the physician and the pharmacy, leading to demand for server space.  In healthcare, space is often limited and the last thing organizations want is a bulky server.”  - Bruce Carlson, Publisher of Kalorama Information


The use of e-prescribing technologies has jumped from less than 10% in 2004 to about 35% in 2010. The use of e-prescription by physicians is expected to experience a significant amount over the next few years with the growing regulatory requirements. Prescriptions are sent to pharmacies electronically instead of by fax. Re-fill requests are sent to health provider electronically from the pharmacy resulting in faster prescription management.    According to Kalorama this is driving demand for the cloud.  The healthcare market research firm says that hospitals, physician offices and retail pharmacies will adopt cloud computing systems, off-site servers that can store information accessible to healthcare organization employees at a different location


The firm said that service requirements are another reason.  A hospital doesn’t want the server crash to be their responsibility, especially when they are serving patients at all hours.  Billing concerns also dominate, according to the report, e prescribing creates billing records that the organization will need to act on later if it is to be successful. 

Kalorama Informaton’s report, The World Market for Cloud Computing in Healthcare, has more information on this topic.  he report estimates the size of the market and provides forecasts. The report contains breakouts of the market by type of cloud service offered. It also provides readers with breakdowns of sales by regions and profiles major companies in the industry. More information on this report can be obtained at: