• by bcarlson@marketresearch.com
  • February 11 2014
  • EMR

Google Enters Healthcare, In a Big Way

Google Enters Healthcare, In a Big Way

Providers who thought healthcare was just another IT market were in for a surprise, one that the world’s largest search engine is taking advantage of.   As this Healthcare IT News story, which features Kalorama’s market analysis  notes, healthcare IT developers may have been scared by recent HIPPA rules making them responsible for privacy violations.   This surprised cloud providers who thought they were merely providing an IT service, with the usual guarantees of performance.  Certainly not getting involved in the nitty-gritty of patient privacy.  Some healthcare entities reported having trouble getting cloud providers to sign agreements with them.  Google has moved in.  With it’s deep pockets and huge reach, it says it will gladly sign a BA with any entity.   This is a big move by Google into the cloud. As we say in our report, it’s no small concern. Cloud is directly tied to the success of EMR. 

"EMR is driving this market," said Bruce Carlson, publisher of Kalorama Information, in a Sep. 19 press statement. "Hospitals are building great systems for gathering electronic records, but they need solutions to store all of that data, and it can’t be a new server wing that might compete with needed space for care."

It’s a lucrative market.  We estimate the cloud computing market would hit nearly $4 billion, representing more than 21 percent growth from 2012, according to the findings of a September 2013 Kalorama report. In comparison, health IT spending over the year was only projected to increase by nearly 11 percent.

The graphic besides this article is a word art created by Tagxedo of our EMR 2013 report of over 200 pages.  You can see some of the top themes mentioned in the report as illustrated in the graphic.