• by esalazar@marketresearch.com
  • May 9 2014
  • hematology

Sysmex Continues Its Push into the U.S. Hematology Market

Sysmex Continues Its Push into the U.S. Hematology Market

Line item growth of 40% from a company heavily involved in the U.S. hematology market is a startling figure - and precisely what Sysmex Corporation accomplished in the 2013 calendar year. Sysmex hematology sales to the Americas increased from approximately 23.5 billion yen in the 2012 calendar year to 33.0 billion yen in 2013. The significant growth was attributed to several factors:

In the United States, in addition to rising instrument sales, an increase in the installed instrument base led to higher sales of reagents and support services, pushing up sales in the country. In Central and South America, the expansion of business volume in Chile and Costa Rica boosted sales

Hematology accounted for 88% of Sysmex revenue in the Americas and, according to Kalorama Information estimates, the United States represents 85% of the total hematology market in the Americas. Sysmex hematology revenue in the Americas is a clear and definite indicator of the company’s performance in the U.S. market.

The North American hematology market is estimated by Kalorama to have grown by little more than 2% in 2013. In such an environment, Sysmex is estimated to have increased its market share in the U.S. hematology market by 3-5%. The company’s performance in the past year is an extension of its near-decade long campaign to lead the U.S. hematology market. For now, Beckman Coulter remains the market leader for U.S. hematology, though its lead is threatened by continued Sysmex hematology analyzer placements.

Overall core lab investment in the United States recovered in 2013 following stagnation or declining associated revenue for lead vendors in the years of 2010-2012. Abbott Diagnostics saw core lab revenue from the United States increase 3.5% in 2013; Roche recorded North American professional diagnostics dollar growth (non-exchange) of 6.7%. Sysmex IVD instrumentation revenue from the Americas leapt over 26% in 2013 and total Sysmex revenue in the Americas increased by 31%. Strong growth from Sysmex, particularly in instrumentation sales, strongly suggests market share gain in hematology, particularly as other core lab vendors reported improved, though still single-digit growth.