• by bcarlson@marketresearch.com
  • June 2 2014

Measles Scare Highlights Need for Vaccination

Measles Scare Highlights Need for Vaccination

Fourteen years ago, measles was eradicated in the United States.  That was good news, as it is often forgotten that this is a highly contagious respiratory disease.   Now, a 20-year high caseload has brought fears of the epidemic’s return to this country.  The case increase is largely the result of vaccine refusal, according to CDC reports.    The US has seen an  288 cases so far in 2014.  Kalorama published its report on vaccine sales earlier this year.  

Measles was largely eradicated in the United States as the CDC graph shows, but cases still numbered in the thousands in the 1970’s.  The recent spike is not even yet at 1,000 cases, but  still represents a challenge for health authorities. 

"It’s an injurious combination of travellers going to nations where measles is still prevelant, and then returning to the United States and entering a population with a high degree of vaccine refusal," said Bruce Carlson, Publisher of Kalorama Information.  "It’s a terrible situation, but hopefully publicity around this case spreads the word about the importance of vaccination."

 Americans traveling to countries such as  the Philippines - where a large measles outbreak has been ongoing since October 2013, and many of 2014’s U.S. cases are thought to have originated -.is seen as part of the issue in the recent outbreak.  CDC reports that among the unvaccinated Americans infected with measles, 85% chose to forego vaccination for personal, philosophical or religious reasons.