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  • June 26 2014
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Federal Judge OKs Public School Vaccine Requirement

Federal Judge OKs Public School Vaccine Requirement

A New York City policy that bars unvaccinated students from public school when another student has a vaccine-preventable disease has been upheld by Judge William Kuntz II of the of Federal District Court in Brooklyn. The decision’s reasoning is anchored both in the mechanism of vaccine products and the business behind them covered in Kalorama’s recent report, Vaccines 2014.

Religious objectors are not constitutionally exempt from vaccinations," said Kuntz, citing a 109-year-old Supreme Court ruling that grants states broad powers in public health matters. The ruling came against three families who claimed their right to religious freedom was violated when their children were kept from school because of the city’s immunization policies. The lawyer for the families plan to appeal

The basis of the recent decision, as well as the older Supreme Court decision, is that vaccination protects not only individuals, but also entire communities from diseases spread by person-to-person transmission There is a business need as well For vaccine manufacturers, the business is dependent on large volumes. Some vaccines would go unproduced for lack of an interested company without volume. Generally profit margins are lower than in standard pharmaceuticals, so a large volume is needed to make the industry viable

Kalorama Information’s Vaccines 2014: World Market Analysis, Key Players, Trends, Pediatric and Adult Segments investigates the changes vaccine manufacturers have undergone in the past year, providing world market analysis, identifying the key players, and outlining critical trends in this fast-changing industry.

Information on this report can be found at KI: http://www.kaloramainformation.com/Vaccines-Key-Players-8120410