• by bcarlson@marketresearch.com
  • July 14 2016
  • AACC

Kalorama at AACC 2016

Kalorama at AACC 2016

This year, the clinical lab industry - and the IVD industry that serves it - will be in Philadelphia August 1-4th for an enormous meeting with thousands of participants.  Kalorama Information will be there.  Our IVD analysts Shara Rosen and Emil Salazar, Editor Bill Imbornoni, Publisher Bruce Carlson and several of our sales representatives from parent company MarketResearch.com will be in attendance at the Clinical Lab Expo and at press conferences and sessions.    

As always, the meeting informs the market research that we do.  Some key trends we’ll be on the lookout for:

  • Increasing drive towards molecular point of care - it was pioneering in 2015, now we expect several products and technologies on display.
  • Status of emerging market IVD sales given the economic ’growth slowdown’ of many BRIC and other countries.  We think effects should be minimal, as healthcare is protected from some of the quarter to quarter troubles of the economy.  and have indicated that in our recent report on IVD in China.  What will vendors say?
  • The emerging role of liquid biopsies or alternative samples and analytes in cancer diagnostics (cell-free or circulating tumor DNA [cfDNA/ctDNA], circulating tumor cells [CTCs], and exosomes).  
  • The latest menu offerings for vendors big and small.  
  • Patient participation in digital medicine and patient autonomy in lab testing, including the development of direct-to-consumer (DTC) testing
  • What is the proper role of Big Data in clinical lab services and how will laboratories and IVD companies most benefit from it.  
  • Effects of new updated CDC-recommended algorithm for HIV laboratory testing.
  • IVD and cybersecurity

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