Moderate Growth in the $26 Billion-Dollar Respiratory Devices Market

Moderate Growth in the $26 Billion-Dollar Respiratory Devices Market

Outlook for the Sleep Apnea Market, COPD Device, Oxygen Therapy and Other Markets

We think the market for respiratory devices sees moderate growth due to an increasing aging population and increasing respiratory diseases worldwide.  Demand for CPAP therapy, breathing machines, oxygen equipment tend to be related to age.  Even though there is ongoing pressure to cut costs in 2017 and beyond, respiratory devices can survive the trend generally and growth outlook remains positive.

The size of the respiratory device market is 25.6 billion according to Kalorama’s most recent report: The World Market for Respiratory Devices.  Inhaler markets and nebulizer markets will see growth as will ventilator markets and humidifier markets.  Growth of 5-6 percent is high for a medical device industry that has seen revenue growth rates half that number.   

The respiratory device industry encompasses many different products to help treat and monitor respiratory conditions as well as many large and small manufacturers. Respiratory devices have grown impressively in many of the categories over last few years. Continued demand for respiratory medical equipment will likely be fueled by rising incidence of respiratory diseases such as sleep apnea, asthma, and COPD. The bulk of the growth of the market is expected to arise from an increasing incidence of COPD worldwide and innovative products entering the market.

Products included in the worldwide respiratory device market are:
• Inhalers
• Nebulizers
• Airway/Mask Equipment
• Sleep Apnea Equipment
• Oxygen Therapy equipment and Ventilators
• Medical Humidifiers
• Respiratory Measurement and Diagnostic Devices

The market also will grow thanks to the shifting trend towards the use of home care products for the graying population across the globe. The demand for respiratory devices in the United States will continue to escalate due to an aging population and prevalence of respiratory disease but will be tempered somewhat by reimbursement and cost cutting measures. In Europe, the outlook is cautious due to new European product directives but there is a drive to modernize healthcare systems in Europe. Market growth in Asia Pacific is likely to be highest in China due to higher standard of living, better healthcare and government investment in healthcare. Brazil is expected to contribute moderate to high growth over the forecast period due to investments in healthcare infrastructure and rising awareness of respiratory diseases and treatments. Advancements in respiratory devices along with a strong desire to maintain good health will positively influence the outlook for the world market for respiratory devices. Kalorama’s report contains figures for COPD devices and sleep apnea markets.

What Companies Compete in the Respiratory Device Industry?

Major companies are in this market - Companies in respiratory devices include: 3M, Philips/Respironics, ResMed, Inc., Teleflex and Becton Dickinson, among others. Yet the worldwide respiratory device industry has been highly fragmented in nature. The majority of the companies in this industry excel in a few segments, such as inhalers or respiratory measurement and diagnostic devices, humidification or oxygen therapy devices. This fragmentation leads to plethora of competitors that are both regional and local in nature. Many companies have a narrow segment focus - some are only COPD device companies or ventilator companies and do not compete in the entire market.  

The World Market for Respiratory Devices (Inhalers, Nebulizers, Airways, Masks, Sleep Apnea, Oxygen Therapy, Ventilators Medical Humidifiers, Respiratory Measurement)  provides revenue data for the global and geographic opportunities for respiratory equipment. The report can be found at: