Want a Vision of The POC Diagnostics Market in the Future? Look No Further Than Star Trek

Want a Vision of The POC Diagnostics Market in the Future?   Look No Further Than Star Trek

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In what may be a sign of the future of the POC diagnostics market, a team led by an emergency room physician from Pennsylvania won the $2.6 million Qualcomm prize for developing a device that allows consumers to diagnose health conditions by themselves, without help from medical professionals.  The team, called Final Frontier Medical Devices, created a prototype called DxtER, which connects to a tablet or smartphone and uses artificial intelligence to mimic a doctor-patient conversation about symptoms. Once the device arrives at a tentative diagnosis, the consumer performs his own diagnostic tests, which may involve a urine or blood sample or sensors that monitor breathing or check the eardrum. It also has sensors that gather continuous vital signs data to aid in diagnosis.  Kalorama covered the point of care diagnostics market in a recent report.  

A 19 Billion-Dollar Point of Care Market

Diagnostic tests performed outside the central laboratory or decentralized testing is generally known as point-of-care (POC). Over the years, the increasing introduction of transportable, portable, and handheld instruments has resulted in the migration of POC testing from the hospital environment to a range of medical environments including the workplace, home, disaster care and most recently, convenience clinics.  

          The competition was inspired by a fictional device in the original Star Trek series called the Medical Tricorder, a computer with a deployable hand-held scanner that Dr. McCoy used to measure crew members’ vital signs and symptoms.  Final Frontier Medical Devices was announced the highest performing team and received $2.5M for their achievement.   About 300 teams entered the Tricorder XPRIZE competition, which began in 2013.            The second-place winner, an international team called Dynamical Biomarkers Group, received $1 million. The winners were announced at a ceremony April 12.

“Both teams exceeded the competition requirements for user experience, nearly met the challenging audacious benchmarks for diagnosing the 13 disease states, and with their prototypes, have taken humanity one step closer to realizing Gene Roddenberry’s 23rd century sci-fi vision. XPRIZE congratulates Final Frontier Medical Devices and Dynamical Biomarkers Group on their amazing achievements,” the organization said in a press release.     

Both teams said they plan to continue develop their prototypes into devices that can be released commercially.

Emerging technological innovations in smartphones, biosensors, lab-on-a-chip and wearable devices are influencing the transforming POC landscape. The driving force behind these innovations in the health arena is to provide expedited diagnosis where the patient is seen or in the patient’s home. The POC diagnostic industry will be part of a paradigm shift from curative medicine to predictive, personalized and preemptive medicine.    

POC test devices have contributed significantly to the growth of the overall diagnostics market over the past 10 years. More diagnostic manufacturers have pursued CLIA waiver status for their POC devices and CE Mark for POC or self-use.  At the same time more decentralized test venues invest in non-waived rapid tests and instruments POC testing appears to be headed for an even bigger role in diagnosis and monitoring patient care.  New technologies are allowing POC devices to produce quantitative lab-quality test results that can be transferred automatically to an information system, a remote caregiver service for consultation or an electronic medical record.

Kalaroma estimates the market for point of care diagnostics to be at 19.1 billion in its latest report.  The report, World Point of Care Diagnostics Market Size and Market Share Analysis, can be found here: https://www.kaloramainformation.com/Point-Care-POC-10616559/