• by Bruce Carlson
  • August 1 2017
  • AACC

"Data Lakes," Yellow Fever, Gene Editing and Middle East Market Among Developments on First Day of AACC 2017

"Data Lakes," Yellow Fever, Gene Editing and Middle East Market Among Developments on First Day of AACC 2017

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The American Association for Clinical Chemistry meeting, the laboratory industry’s largest meeting in San Diego, also with it brings the largest assemblage of IVD equipment vendors in San Diego to discuss new ideas and demonstrate new products. This is Kalorama's focus, and there are already developments at the meeting’s first day as companies made announcement and the plenary session was held. Improved lab developed test equipment, a new yellow fever reagent, the Middle East IVD Market, and promise of CRISPR highlighted the first day of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry Meeting (AACC 2017) in San Diego California. We cover the IVD market, including most vendors at the meeting in our Worldwide Market for In Vitro Diagnostics, 10th Edition, a comprehensive in vitro diagnostics market research study.

• Connected Lab, “Data Lakes”: Roche Diagnostics is the largest IVD company and competes in nearly every IVD sub market; while it is also demonstrating a new cobas e 801 high-volume immunoassay platform that Roche says provides nearly twice the throughput on the same footprint as its predecessor. Roche’s booth at AACC 2017 features a virtual reality tour that will demonstrate the company’s concept of connected lab . "The idea of a connected lab begins with an integrated core lab with connected automation.” said Jack Phillips, president and CEO of Roche Diagnostics Corporation in a press release. “But it also involves linking instruments to data lakes, laboratories to physicians, and high-medical-value tests to clinical insights to help improve the way physicians manage their patients.” A data lake is a storage repository that holds a vast amount of raw data in its native format and doesn't structure it and define how it will be structured, until the data is needed.

• Order-to-Report Multiplex PCR: Seegene Inc. announced a Random Access System. The company says the system can provide order-to-report on the same day by simultaneously performing high multiplex real-time PCR testing on a single platform, regardless of specimen type or assays. Rapid, accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment are especially critical for a successful treatment of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, acute diarrhea, sepsis or meningitis. The company said most existing MDx systems are unable to perform same-day reporting for same day treatment, because clinical laboratories typically perform testing after a sufficient number of specimens are collected.

• CRISPR/ Cas9: Gene editing was also a large focus at the meeting's first day. Jennifer Doudna, PhD, a geneticist and a co-creator along with Emmanuelle Carpenter, PhD, of the CRISPR-Cas9 technology, delivered the Wallace H. Coulter Lectureship Award plenary on Sunday with her talk, “CRISPR Biology, Technology & Ethics: The Future of Genome Engineering.” Doudna discussed her “molecular scalpel for genomes.” She intrigued the audience by reviewing the intricate bacterial CRISPR adaptive immune system and how her lab harnessed its power to edit genes. She discussed the work that is ongoing aimed at making CRISPR more amenable to fighting disease. CRISPR/Cas9 is a revolutionary approach that enables rapid, economical model generation through precise genome editing. Every day, new studies continue to leverage the potential of CRISPR to generate novel strategies for modeling diseases and assessing therapeutic intervention. The tool is used in nature by bacteria to adapt to their environment.

• New YFV Protein: Aalto Bio Reagents announced their first-to-market recombinant Yellow Fever Virus (YFV) protein at AACC in San Diego from 1st - 3rd August. Yellow Fever virus is a potentially fatal mosquito-borne flavivirus which is prevalent in tropical and subtropical locations in South America and Africa. It is the next flavivirus threatening the population of Brazil, with local health officials reporting a sharp rise in cases this year. The company, founded in 1978, Aalto Bio Reagents is a developer and provider of raw materials to the in- vitro diagnostics industry and to research laboratories globally. Infectious disease is one of the most important markets for IVD, and Kalorama covers this extensively in its market study on this area.

• Simplified LDT for Leukemia and Lymphoma: Beckman Coulter presented its ClearLLab reagents at the meeting, these products deliver the first preformulated, IVD antibody cocktails for leukemia and lymphoma** immunophenotyping in the clinical lab. Previously, labs would have had to make and validate their own antibody cocktails. ClearLLab simplifies and standardizes the process. The products are cleared via the FDA De Novo Process for in vitro diagnostic use in the US. For clinical laboratories it means they no longer have to develop their own laboratory developed test (LDT), a technically demanding, manual, time-consuming, and potentially error-prone process.

• Focus on Middle East IVD: Long a target for IVD companies seeking emerging market growth, the Middle East will now have a laboratory association with global pull. AACC announced on Monday that it will launch a new laboratory medicine conference and expedition next spring – AACC Middle East. AACC Middle East will showcase AACC’s globally-renowned education and scientific programs paired with a dynamic exposition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), March 22-24, 2018. The scientific program will feature experts from the U.S. and the Middle East, sharing knowledge and innovation. Attendees will meet and network with experts in the field, and engage with their peers during the scientific program highlighting recent advances in laboratory medicine. Kalorama's report on the Middle East IVD market can be found at https://www.kaloramainformation.com/IVD-Middle-East-10336235/. 

Kalorama covers the IVD market in its report, The Worldwide Market for In Vitro Diagnostics, 10th Edition: www.kaloramainformation.com/Worldwide-Vitro-Diagnostic-10206771.