"Direct-To-Consumer" Genetic Testing - Market Expected to Triple in Five Years

Patient is king when it comes to certain types of testing, especially genetic tests. A new report from Kalorama Information finds fast growth in direct-to-consumer testing.

Advances in Sequencing Could Transform the Clinical Autopsy

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) could provide additional insights and medical value to post-mortem examinations. The widely observed decline in autopsies is largely a result of the decline in disease-related autopsies, which represent the majority of all autopsies performed. The medical utility of autopsies related to disease particularly remain in question with declining reimbursement and family consent, but could be reevaluated with the addition of molecular technologies. With NGS, clinical post-mortem examinations stand to reveal more than ever regarding disease-related mortality. Post-mortem sequencing introduces a new paradigm to patient engagement with important ethical questions, but also represents a minimally tapped resource for family health and potentially even translational research.

Direct-to-Consumer Services Put Down Roots in U.S. Lab Testing Market

Direct-to-Consumer Services Put Down Roots in U.S. Lab Testing Market

Still framed as an open proposition in healthcare, the direct-to-consumer (DTC) lab testing market has already captured robust demand from U.S. consumers. Sales of DTC testing services have rapidly grown outside the traditional paradigm of physician-facilitated clinical testing. Kalorama Information’s Direct-to-Consumer Laboratory Testing Market has served as an important reference in recent articles by the New York Times, Forbes, and Becker’s Hospital Review. Whereas media coverage has focused ...