Contract Manufacturing of Medical Devices in China

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Published Nov 1, 2016 | 40 Pages | Pub ID: KLI15173458

Contract Manufacturing of Medical Devices in China

This report reflects research conducted by Kalorama Information and The Freedonia Group on a unique topic.  Contract manufacturing is the process of outsourcing all or part of a medical device construction for a major device companies.  Given current demands for major medical device players, production needs are exceeding capacity and outsourcing is increasingly a must.  This report, drawing from China-based research and interviews with local companies, provides medical device market watchers with important data and trends.

As part of its research, this report provides data for the following process types of contract manufacturing.:

Materials Processing and Materials Sourcing
Electronic Parts
Finished Products

While medical device CM occurs all over the world, China is increasingly a place where this type of process is happening.  The report also provides China-based outsourcing of medical device market data for the following device categories:

Cardiology Devices
Neurological Devices
Imaging Devices
IVD Products
Urological Devices
Other Device Types

China is increasingly a destination for manufacturers of medical devices, both of an original manufacture and contracted shipment from global companies. Some leading device companies produce and sell medical devices in China.   Commonly, OEM contractors produce parts/components for these global companies but finished devices is a growing trend.     In addition, the report provides the following information:

Explanation of Processes Involved in Contract Manufacturing
Global Contract Manufacturing Companies in China
Local Chinese Contract Manufacturing Companies
Forecasts of the Market to 2021
Chinese Medical Device Regulation  


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