The U.S. Market for Over-the-Counter Anti-Infectives

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Published Jan 1, 2006 | 200 Pages | Pub ID: KLI1170066

The U.S. Market for OTC anti-infective products surpassed the $2 billion mark last year. Although overall growth is sluggish, the market is a proven revenue source for a number of major brands, and there have been some nice surprises in the performance of some categories, such as first-aid related antiseptic and antibiotic products.

This comprehensive report examines all aspects of the U.S. OTC market, including 5-year sales performance by brand and by marketer for the following categories of products:

  • Antifungals
    • Jock-Itch Products
    • Vaginal Yeast Infection Products
    • Athlete’s Foot Products
  • Antiseptic/Antibiotics
  • Antiparasitics

The report also provides in-depth coverage consumer demographic and preferences and analyses of sales channels. Th competitive picture is extensively examined in terms of market share by player, market share by brand, promotional spend, new product development, and much more. Profiles of the top competitors round out the picture of the marketplace.

The methodology for assembling this report included a combination of primary and secondary research. Information Resources Inc. (IRI) and Simmons Market Research Bureau (SMRB) provided primary research findings; secondary research included such material as published reports, news stories, and company literature and documents.

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