Critical Care Pharmaceutical Markets: A Strategic Analysis

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Published Jun 1, 2006 | 184 Pages | Pub ID: KLI1189532

This report focuses on the specific needs and market applications of the critical care pharmaceuticals market, the options presented by the market, the factors associated with strategic market development, and prospects for the future.

The major indications for critical care are discussed as well as the range of pharmaceutical products used in the critical care environment. The strategic market characteristics of the critical care pharmaceuticals market are also discussed. The trends —- cost-containment programs, restricted formulary acceptance, clinical pharmacy, and the growth of the generic drug population —- as well as their impacts on the clinical care pharmaceutical markets are discussed. These are selected to assess the rationale for intentionally targeting the critical care pharmaceuticals market in hospitals alone and as part of an overall hospital pharmaceutical marketing strategy. They are presented to provide the most informative picture of potential market in this field.

This report covers current the critical care pharmaceutical market in a broad sense. It does not go into the details of specific products, companies, or technologies as they are used in the hospital clinical care setting except as general classes.

Market analysis for this report is limited in the sense of projections, market shares, etc. Instead, it considers the various aspects of past market development and estimates within the overall hospital market. It looks at the development of the market in terms of the existing, realistic market potential. This is tempered by discussions of where and how these markets may develop and the factors influencing them. This report does not discuss in detail the individual products that may be marketed in each of the critical care segments/facilities (e.g., cardiology, neurology, infectious diseases, etc). Some mention is made of indications and facilities by way of explaining the market environment, but greater emphasis is placed on the product classes, in their generic sense, and their application to critical care environment and its issues.

The focus of the report is on the strategic factors associated with existing and future market potentials to provide pharmaceutical companies wishing to enter the field with a “field general’s” perspective.

The analysis presented in this report is based on data from a combination of company, government, industry, institutional, and private sources. It includes information from extensive literature reviews, as well as interviews and discussions with experts in the field, including healthcare policy analysts, criticalists (MDs), critical care nurses, pharmacy experts, other medical professionals, and pharmaceutical business development managers.

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