Drug Delivery Markets: Implantable / Injectable and Needle-Free Delivery Systems

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Published Sep 1, 2009 | 110 Pages | Pub ID: KLI2422083

With pharmaceutical companies increasingly looking for ways to extend the revenue-earning lifetime of their biggest products, drug delivery has become an important focus of the industry. Kalorama’s Drug Delivery Markets: Implantable / Injectable and Needle-Free Delivery Systems provides detail for business planners on the market for implantable / injectable delivery system markets.

Biopharmaceutical products are driving growth of needle-free systems; there will likely be significant increases in revenues in the vaccine arena. This report looks at that trend and reports current and forecasted revenues for the implantable/injectable drug delivery market, segmented into two main categories:

  • Needle-free drug delivery
  • Other Injectable/Implantable
Kalorama's unique analysis offers segmentation of this market for:
  • Drug Delivery Technology Revenues
  • Pharmaceuticals Sold via Delivery Technology
This breakout makes the report relevant to business plans of either device technology companies or pharmaceutical concerns. (This market analysis does not include drug-eluding stents or prefilled or regular syringes. Kalorama considers these separate markets)

The report covers both pharmaceuticals sold through implantable/injectable delivery systems and the technologies themselves including:

  • Detailed Profiles of Key Companies in Implantable/Injectable Delivery
  • Brief Round-Up of Smaller Players
  • Current Market Size and Forecasts to 2013
  • Needle-Free Cost Savings, Protein-Coated Microcrystal Technology, Nanotechnology, and Other Trends and Developments
  • Revenue Forecasts
  • New Products in Development
Kalorama’s trusted information-gathering process provides most accurate study of the implantable/injectable delivery drug market available today. Information and analysis presented in this report is based on extensive interviews with senior management of top companies in the industry. While major research literature and government information is culled, information is corroborated and key market insights originate from interviews with industry leaders.

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