The World Market for Flow Cytometry in IVD Applications: Forecasts to 2018

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Published Jun 16, 2014 | 40 Pages | Pub ID: KLI5271977

The World Market for Flow Cytometry in IVD Applications

Flow cytometers are powerful reference lab instruments that are now an important component of advanced IVD labs in developed nations. They are advanced diagnostic instruments for cancer diagnostics, but their newer clinical applications included the commercialization and refinement of HIV testing and monitoring through CD4/CD8 counts. Until recently flow cytometry has been used exclusively for these purposes. Other applications are seeing procedure growth.

This report, The World Market for Flow Cytometry in In Vitro Diagnostic Applications, is Kalorama's complete market analysis of this important diagnostics segment.

Market and Forecast 2013-2018 for Flow Cytometry in IVD
Breakout by Application (Cancer, HIV, Organ Transplant, Other)
Regional Breakout (US, EUR, ROW)
Country Markets for Flow Cytometry
Market Share by Company
Products on the Market
Key Company Profiles

Flow cytometry is useful in biotechnology, drug development, and clinical research. This report focuses only on IVD applications for flow. As part of its analysis, Kalorama considers growth drivers for the flow cytometry market in diagnostics, examines competitive moves by companies in the market, and reimbursment trends that will affect growth long-term. Profiled manufacturers include:

Beckman Coulter
Becton, Dickinson
EMD Millipore
Life Technologies
Luminex Corporation
Miltenyi Biotech
Partec Gmbh
Sony Biotechnology ( iCyt )
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