Next-Generation-Sequencing for Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NGS-NIPT) in China

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Published Jun 29, 2016 | 37 Pages | Pub ID: KLI15042533

The Market for Next-Generation-Sequencing Neonatal Testing (NGS-NIPT) in China

The stakes are high for clinical next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform vendors in the Chinese market. Already home to a significant amount of all laboratories worldwide providing clinical genetic testing services, China is playing an increasingly significant role not only in the IVD industry, but in global clinical markets.

This report, Next Generation Sequencing for NIPT in China estimates the market for Non Invasive Prenatal Testing in this emerging market, and generally examines the role of next generation sequencing in the company. The report provides information on approved NGS instruments, Chinese institutions using NGS, companies that offer NIPT services as well as definitive market size and share for this market.

As part of its market analysis this report includes:

Market for Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing using Sequencing in China
Forecast to 2020
Market Share 
Hospital NGS in China Data
Institutions Performing NGS
Key Equipment Manufactuers and Service Providers
Chinese NGS Company Profiles

Despite slackened economic growth, the country remains a source of tremendous demand for clinical innovation and higher standards of care. Outside of North America, Europe and Japan, China is primed to emerge as the leading market for clinical NGS and molecular cancer testing. 

This report was created as a cooperative project between Kalorama Information and The Freedonia Group, with staff from Freedonia’s Beijing office completing primary and secondary research. Information for this report was gathered from a wide variety of published sources including company reports, catalogs, materials and public filings; government documents; trade journals; newspapers and business press; analysts’ reports and other sources. Interviews with industry experts were conducted to capture the perspectives from market participants’ point of view and assess trends, and form the basis of the forecasting and competitive analysis.
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