Growth Potential of Specific Biomarker-Based Tests: White Paper

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Published Feb 9, 2016 | 3 Pages | Pub ID: KLI5878138

This White Paper, Growth Potential for Specific Biomarker-Based Tests discusses the market environment for tests involving a biomarker.  Markers are "scored" according to their revenue growth potential compared to each other.  A market and forecast for all tests are provided, as well as a list of companies that are involved in the market.  Markers discussed include: CEA, HIV Rapid Marker-Based, AFP, FOB, Rapid PSA, NMP22, Cardiac Markers-Acute, C difficile Marker-Based, hsCRP, HIV Marker-Based, STD Marker-Based, proBNP, PT/INR, Malaria Markers, Thyroid Marker-Based, PSA, CA125, HbA1c.  For specific dollar figures and growth rates, Kalorama's full-length study on Biomarker Markets should be consulted.  
  • Overview
  • Specific Marker-Based Tests Revenue Growth Score
  • Companies in the Market
  • About the Report

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