HIV: Markets for Diagnostics and Therapeutics

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Published Oct 1, 2008 | 250 Pages | Pub ID: KLI1646600

The strategic concept of HIV/AIDS diagnosis and therapy is one of the most complex that the healthcare industry has ever seen. In order to cope with the challenges and opportunities of HIV/AIDS diagnostics and therapeutics, companies must think on a global basis. In addition to the basic pathology and complications of HIV/AIDS, there are primarily three focal points for the development of strategy in this area: potential market, epidemiology (HIV/AIDS patient trends) and technology.

In his report HIV Markets for Diagnostics and Therapeutics, anlayst Kenneth Krul, PhD examines these focal points, with an eye to creating a comprehensive look at the market and opportunity for both testing and treatments of HIV. Dr. Krul takes a look at the potential theoretical markets and what will be realistic in the current world healthcare system.

The report contains extensive epidemological statistics for HIV in the following WHO health regiions:

  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • South and South-East Asia
  • East Asia
  • Latin America
  • Caribbean
  • Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Western and Central Europe
  • North America
  • Oceania
In addition the report contains:
  • Current Market Sizes for HIV Treatments and Diagnostics in each WHO Health Region (treatment and diagnostic markets)
  • Profiles of Companies in this Market
  • Eleven Important Conclusions
  • Review of Current Treatment Products and Diagnostic Tools.
As with all Kalorama Information reports, this product is the result of primary and secondary research. Interviews with experts, as well as research into company reports, medical literature and government data is included.
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