Hepatitis Testing Markets

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Published Sep 1, 2017 | 50 Pages | Pub ID: KLI15466368

Hepatitis Testing Markets

Hepatitis infection remains a significant challenge for the medical community. According to the CDC, around 2.7 million people in the United States have a chronic HCV infection or nearly 1% of the population.

Hepatitis Testing Markets Includes:

  • Hepatitis Immunoassay Market, 2016 - 2021
  • Hepatitis Molecular Testing Market, 2016 -2021
  • Hepatitis Point of Care Markets, 2016-2021
  • Molecular Testing Market by Type (C, B, A and Others)
  • Key Trends in the Market
  • Geographic Breakout of Market (US, ROW)
  • Company Profiles
HCV in particular is a driver of sales in this market. While HCV infections are increasingly caught and treated among baby boomers (a fact easily observable in Medicare billings), U.S. HCV incidence is also sharply increasingly among younger generations or individuals 20-39 years of age. Intravenous drug use is again the cause of rising HCV cases in this age group as well.

Molecular diagnostics is unrivaled among the IVD technologies used for infectious disease testing in terms of its performance and applicability. Microarray, next-generation sequencing and development-stage isothermal amplification methods represent promising contributions to the market space. For the time being, PCR and isothermal amplification tests represent the bulk of the market with assay development proceeding faster than ever using genomic science tools, microfluidics, machine automation, and novel forms of results detection. Immunoassays are more often used for the initial detection of hepatitis infections, but with the increasing significance of hepatitis in healthcare and the development of sophisticated antiviral therapeutics, molecular tests are becoming just as integral to clinical hepatitis treatment.
  • Executive Summary
    • Introduction
      • Table New Cases Hepatitis, U.S.
    • Virus Types
      • Hep A
      • Hep B
      • Hep C
      • Hep D
      • Hep E
      • Increased Focus on HCV
        • Table New Cases, Hepatitis A, B and C - 2005 to 2014
    • Testing Methods - Molecular Diagnostics
    • Testing Methods - Immunoassays
    • Market for Hepatitis Testing
      • Table Hepatitis Testing Market, 2016 -2021
  • Hepatitis Testing Technologies and Trends
    • Table Selected Hepatitis Test Innovations
    • Immunoassays for Hepatitis
      • Serological antibody assays
      • POC Rapid Immunoassays
      • Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA)
      • Chemiluminescence immunoassay (CIA)
      • Recombinant immunoblot assay (RIBA)
      • EIA.Immunofluorescence
    • Molecular Technologies
      • Real-Time PCR (qPCR)
      • Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP)
  • Market for Hepatitis Diagnostics
    • Market Analysis by Product
      • Immuonassay
        • Table Hepatitis, Immunoassay Testing Market (United States, ROW) 2016-21
    • Point of Care
      • POC Developments
        • Table Hepatitis, POC Testing Market (United States, ROW) 2016-21
      • Molecular
        • Table Molecular Hepatitis Market Breakdown 2016-2021 United States, ROW ($M) 2016 2021
    • Hepatitis Competitive Analysis
  • Company Profiles
    • Abbott Diagnostics
      • Table Abbott Diagnostics Revenue (2013-2016) ($ millions)
      • Infectious Diseases/qPCR
    • Beckman Coulter (Danaher)
      • Hep C
      • Hep B; A-H
    • bioMérieux
      • Table bioMérieux Revenue (2013-2016) ($ millions)
      • bioMerieux Hepatitis Tests
      • Molecular
      • Sequencing
    • Cepheid (Danaher)
      • Table Cepheid Revenue (2013-2016) ($ millions)
    • MedMira
      • Products
    • OraSure Technologies
    • Qiagen
      • Table Qiagen Revenue (2013-2016) ($ millions)
      • artus
    • Roche Diagnostics
      • Table Roche Diagnostics Revenue (2013-2016) ($ millions)
      • Molecular Diagnostics
      • Hepatitis Tests
    • Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
      • Hepatitis Tests

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