IVD in China

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Published Aug 5, 2013 | 120 Pages | Pub ID: KLI5093740

This report, IVD in China represents Kalorama's complete analysis on the Chinese IVD market.  The report provides an introduction to the healthcare system in China, the results of recent reform efforts, and issues and trends.  Regional breakouts of the Chinese system are provided.  The report describes the role that out-of-pocket expenditures and private concerns play in the delivery of healthcare in the nation.
The modern Chinese healthcare market was borne of and continues to be guided by the progressive intentions of the central government of the People’s Republic of China. The government’s liberalization of the mainland Chinese economy beginning in the 1970s was accompanied by the elimination of long-standing and costly healthcare schemes and other social safety nets.   IVD is an important part of the healthcare system and the industry has been impacted by the changes described in this report.

As part of its analysis, Market Size and Forecasts for Key IVD Markets  including:
•    Clinical Chemistry
•    Microbiology, ID/AST and Molecular
•    Point of Care Testing
•    Immunoassays
•    Urinalysis
•    Molecular Testing  
•    Coagulation  
•    Histology  
•    Hematology  
•    Blood Testing and Typing  
•    Flow Cytometry  

More affluent Chinese were also introduced to health problems associated with the adoption of new lifestyles associated with urbanization and greater discretionary income in opened consumer markets. Rising life expectancy and the one-child policy have accelerated demographic aging in China, representing another major long-term trend guiding increased healthcare demand. In short, China is confronted by a host of continuing and novel structural challenges to the accessibility and provision of modern healthcare for its demographically diverse, geographically dispersed, and economically stratified populace.

While private sector hospitals and clinics’ role in the formation of the contemporary Chinese healthcare sector is notable, China’s central, regional and local governments have been the greatest factor behind exceptional growth in the Chinese healthcare market. The central government has initiated pivotal investment strategies with public funds to drive infrastructural expansion, mediated relations between multinational companies and domestic industry, and controlled access to domestic distribution channels and Chinese patients. Central planning, other regulatory controls and regional investment on the part of provincial and local governments have also guided extraordinary growth in healthcare markets that include leading domestic markets in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong as well as newly-developed and booming regional markets in China’s growing domestic economy.

The report provides coverage of key Issues and Trends in the market, and details competitors in the IVD industry.  As part of its coverage, the following companies are profiled:

•    Affymetrix, Inc.
•    Axis-Shield plc
•    Biohit Oy
•    Hologic, Inc.
•    IRIS International, Inc.
•    Life Technologies Corporation
•    Luminex Corporation
•    MedMira
•    Novartis Diagnostics
•    PerkinElmer
•    Promega Corporation
•    Phadia AB
•    QIAGEN N.V.
•    Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
•    SuperNova Diagnostics, Inc.
•    Chinese IVD Companies – Recent Activity
•    CapitalBio Corporation
•    Caretium Medical Instruments
•    Chemtron Biotech Co. Ltd.
•    China Health Labs & Diagnostics Ltd.
•    Daan Gene Co. Ltd.
•    Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
•    Hai Kang Life Corporation
•    Beijing Leadman Biochemistry Co. Ltd.
•    Mindray Medical International Ltd.

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