The Impact of the Phase III Pipeline: Future Projections and Market Disruptions

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Published Mar 1, 2006 | 480 Pages | Pub ID: KLI1187684

There are hundreds of drugs in Phase III clinical trials, of which almost 200 of them may gain market approval from the FDA in the coming 5 years. Which drugs will make it and how these drugs impact existing pharmaceutical markets in terms of overall size and competitive share is one of the most difficult forecasting projects in market research.

In this nearly 500-page analysis, Kalorama Information has compiled all the relevant information about the candidates, their value, and their likely impact. And we've made some predictions and estimates of the changing market scenarios in five therapeutic areas.

In particular, this report examines over 500 drugs in Phase III clinical trials and how these new products are expected to perform and affect existing markets. The report looks at five therapeutic categories:

  • Cardiovascular disease,
  • Neuropsychotherapeutic disorders,
  • Infectious disease,
  • Cancer, and
  • Others.

Market opportunity revenues are provided in each segment for approvals anticipated from 2006 to 2010 with specific information related to likely 2006 approvals. For each segment, the report includes an

  • Overview,
  • Descriptions of products in phase III development,
  • Number of approvals expected each year through 2010 by indication within the segment,
  • Market forecasts for those likely to be approved,
  • Which major brands and marketers who are currently active the segment will be affected by these likely new entrants, and
  • What share of the segments these new drugs are likely to take.

This report is the only analysis of its kind available in syndicated form and contains vital intelligence for strategic planners within the industry and analysts and investors interested in the competitive dynamics in the years ahead.

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