The Market for Inherited Disease Molecular Diagnostic Testing

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Published Oct 13, 2017 | 88 Pages | Pub ID: KLI15491827

The Market for Inherited Disease Molecular Diagnostic Testing

The detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) or gene variants from tissue, blood, urine and saliva samples can be used to diagnose inherited diseases and genetic disorders as well as determine the risk of disease manifestation or progression. Point mutations in genomic DNA occur when a single nucleotide (A,T,C, or G) sequence is altered.

Market Size for Molecular Inherited Disease Testing

The Market for Inherited Disease Molecular Diagnostic Testing covers the market for testing for these type of indications. The report includes the following information:
  • Molecular Inherited Disease Forecast to 2021
  • Regional Segmentation (US, Europe, Asia, ROW)
  • Trends in Testing
  • Reimbursement Environment
  • Important Conclusions About the Market
  • Company Profiles
Many SNPs have no effect on cell function, but scientists believe others could predispose people to disease or influence their response to a drug. Although more than 99% of human DNA sequences are the same, variations in DNA sequence can have a major impact on how humans respond to disease, environmental factors (e.g. bacteria, viruses, toxins, and chemicals), and drugs or other therapies. Although a relatively stable area of clinical molecular testing, SNP analysis in patient pools and populations is an area of intense engagement in translational research. New discoveries in systems biology or relationships between the genome and intra- and inter-cellular mechanisms have the potential to introduce new clinical molecular assays in the area of inherited diseases and genetic disorders.
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