The World Market for Liquid Chromatography in Healthcare: Forecasts to 2020

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Published Nov 1, 2015 | 150 Pages | Pub ID: KLI5733398

The World Market for Liquid Chromatography in Healthcare

Liquid chromatography is solidly entrenched as the analytical separation technology of choice in healthcare. This report, The World Market for Liquid Chromatography in Healthcare, provides useful business planning information and competitive analysis for this particular industry. As part of its offering, the report includes:

  • The Market for LC Systems in Healthcare 
  • Market for Applications 2015 by Product Segment (Research and Clinical) 
  • Future Market for Applications 2020 by Product Segment (Research, Clinical) 
  • Market for LC in Healthcare by Region (United States, Europe, Japan, Rest of World) 
  • Overview of LC and its Use in Research and Clincial Applications 
  • Estimated Revenues of LC in healthcare Suppliers ($millions) 2015 
  • Market Shares of LC in Healthcare Suppliers, 2015 
  • Challenges and Strategic Recommendations 
  • Corporate Profiles 

The liquid chromatography (LC) market is mature, with a slow evolution of products and applications over the last few decades, but it has seen an extraordinary amount of technological change in the last few years as companies have continued to introduce new systems performing fast LC and ultra HPLC (UHPLC). Recently, technological advances have been occurring at a rapid pace, as companies attempt to improve throughput and resolution, primarily through the use of smaller particle size columns. This has led to the development of UHPLC systems running at much higher maximum pressures, and some at much higher temperatures, causing extremely high flow rates, all of which require new types of components. LC-MS has been another area of high growth, and has had its own technological advances. The use of nano-LC for LC-MS has driven the trend in a slightly different direction, minimizing flow rates.

Liquid chromatography (LC) has been one of the most important technologies used in laboratories for many years. Ranking behind pH measurement and balances, it is the third most used analytical technique. LC is used primarily to separate mixtures, identify their components, and/ or quantify their components. In a smaller fraction of applications, purification is the main goal. For purification, it is competing with a number of other manufacturing technologies including crystallization, distillation, fractionation, gas absorption, membranes, and solvent extraction.

In contrast to purification applications, analytical LC techniques have fewer competing technologies; there are not as many ways available to separate a complex mixture non-destructively. There is a huge range of industries where LC is used to analyze samples. The applications are spread between life sciences and physical sciences, and research.

This report covers healthcare applications of liquid chromatography systems, hardware, software, consumables, and related services, with a focus on HPLC. Both analytical and purification applications are included, but the emphasis leans towards analytical techniques due to their higher share of the market. While smaller segments such as flash chromatography and thin layer chromatography were not specifically excluded from the estimates, their sales are much lower and they are not discussed in the report. Although ion chromatography has similarities with HPLC, the products and applications are also distinct, and these are not covered in the report.

The research for this report combined a variety of primary and secondary sources. Primary sources included end-users, LC suppliers’ personnel, and other pertinent individuals. Secondary sources included suppliers’ financial statements, websites, journals, trade publications, and other periodicals.

There is a huge diversity of companies involved in the LC in healthcare market. These include suppliers of systems, detectors, pumps, auto-samplers, parts, columns, and various consumables designed for LC. The largest fraction of companies manufactures columns, while much fewer produce entire LC systems. There are also a range of chemicals and other supplies that are used, which are all not unique to the LC market.

Significant participants in the LC in healthcare market include:
  • AB Sciex
  • Agilent
  • Bio-Rad
  • Bruker
  • GE Healthcare
  • Grace Davidson Discovery
  • Hitachi
  • PerkinElmer
  • Shimadzu
  • Sigma-Aldrich
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Tosoh
  • Waters
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