Mass Spectrometry in Protein Biomarker Applications: Software, Services, and Instrument Markets

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Published Nov 1, 2006 | 184 Pages | Pub ID: KLI1271710

Protein biomarkers have become the hot application area for mass spectrometry (MS) and other proteomics-related technologies in the last few years. In the short term, this move towards biomarkers and clinical proteomics research has happened mainly in the drug discovery and development process. However, they also have broad abilities to generate richer information about a disease state, drug response, and/ or the relation between the two; which can be used for diagnostic, prognostic, or various other purposes in the pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and defense industries.

MS has the necessary abilities to rapidly identify biochemicals such as DNA, proteins, or carbohydrates, and thus is currently being used as the workhorse for discovering and validating biomarkers in clinical research, whether for drug development, diagnostic, or other applications. MS technology also far outperforms any alternative for this purpose, due to its particular ability to identify large numbers of components in complex mixtures. These increased abilities have drawn large numbers of life science researchers to procure MS instruments or use available core lab facilities for proteomics experiments.

This report focuses on MS technologies as they are applied to protein biomarker research. It provides in-depth analysis of the markets for:

  • MS Instrumentation,
  • MS Software, and
  • MS Services

In addition to a thorough review of MS products and competitors and the technological and business trends shaping the marketplace, the report provides market data and forecasts for the following as they relate to protein biomarker research:

  • Revenues and growth through 2011 of MS instrumentation
  • Competitive market share by leading supplier
  • Market share by type of MS (Ion Trap, MALDI-TOF, Triple Quad, etc.)
  • Estimated market share by therapeutic area of research
  • Revenues and growth through 2011 for MS services
  • Revenues and growth through 2011 for MS software

The report profiles the top suppliers of MS instrumentation, reviews the regulatory environment, surveys competitive and disruptive technologies, and the details the extensive research collaborations and deals currently underway.

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