Molecular Nanotechnology in Medicine: A Market Briefing

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Published Sep 1, 2004 | 50 Pages | Pub ID: KLI1002534

Nanotechnology is no longer a bench-top curiosity. It is becoming a real commercial force for a variety of applications. This market briefing discusses the state of play in the race to commercialize products and forecasts likely market scenarios. The briefing forecasts the market in generally promising areas such as cancer therapeutics, specialized drug delivery, diagnostics, and topical therapies, reviewing what companies are doing in those markets.
Executive Summary
  • Nanotechnolgy
  • Nanomedicine
  • Growth in Applications
  • Current and Future Markets
  • Summary Market Potential
  • Methodology


  • Industrial Nanotechnology
    • Bottom-Up Manufacturing
    • The Need for Small

  • Life Science Payoff
    • Nanorobots
    • Opportunities for Targeted Medicine
    • Safety Concerns and Related Issues

Market Potential Forecast

  • Cancer Therapeutic Delivery
    • Nanobiotix
    • NanoCarrier Co. Ltd.
    • Triton BioSystems Inc.

  • Drug Delivery
    • BioDelivery Sciences International
    • Capsulution NanoScience AG
    • Elan Corp. Plc.
    • MicroCHIPS Inc.
    • Nanotherapeutics Inc.

  • Molecular Diagnostics
    • The Genomics Factor
    • BioForce Nanosciences Inc.
    • HandyLab Inc.
    • Nanogen
    • Nanolayers
    • Ambri
    • NanoInk Inc.

  • Topical Therapies
    • NanoBio Corp.

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