Novel Autism Diagnostics

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Published Feb 5, 2016 | 103 Pages | Pub ID: KLI5876130

Novel Autism Diagnostics

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which now affects 1 in every 68 U.S. children per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), includes many syndromes that can range in severity from the social awkwardness and narrow interests to severe communication and intellectual disabilities. There is a growing demand for cost efficient tests that can help physicians diagnose and monitor chronic diseases such autism. Novel Autism Diagnostics examines selected autism test innovations that have emerged.

A diagnosis of ASD is arrived at via a combination of developmental screening and comprehensive diagnostic evaluation. In developmental screening, doctors test to see if children are learning basic skills when they should, or if they might have delays. A comprehensive diagnostic evaluation is needed if a doctor sees any signs of a problem. There is an emphasis on early detection as a future cost saving measure because therapy can be implemented when it can be most effective. Therefore there is a market opportunity for highly sensitive, specific and cost effective screening tests for early diagnosis.

Novel Autism Diagnostics outlines many of the current approaches to autism testing, including molecular testing, pre-disposition screening, targeted sequencing-based testing, next-generation sequencing with modeling, genetic risk assessment / testing, cloud platform approaches, microarrays, end-to-end sequencing, gene variants, and blood-based genetic testing. The report looks at the companies behind these testing approaches as well.

Until a few years ago, genomic research had failed to decisively associate individual genes with the disorder. Numerous studies have been undertaken to uncover the genetic basics of autism. Next-generation sequencing technology has enabled unbiased assessments of whole genomes and exomes and a number of new tests and test services have been launched.

The competitors discussed within the company profiles are:
  • Ambry Genetics Corp.
  • ARUP Laboratories
  • Asuragen
  • Athena Diagnostics
  • Claritas Genomics
  • CombiMatrix
  • Courtagen Life Sciences
  • Emory Genetics Lab
  • GenePeeks
  • Genoma SA
  • Google Genomics
  • Greenwood Genetic Center
  • Illumina
  • IntegraGen
  • LabCorp
  • Life Technologies
  • Population Diagnostics
  • RainDance Technologies
  • SynapDx Corporation
  • Transgenomic, Inc.
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