Outsourcing in Drug Development: The Contract CRO Market, 3rd Edition

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Published Oct 1, 2008 | 250 Pages | Pub ID: KLI1646604

Driven by mounting market pressures, companies are increasingly implementing outsourcing strategies to increase revenues through faster drug development. By decreasing their in-house facilities and staff, and outsourcing more of their R&D functions, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are reshaping the drug development services industry.

Kalorama Information's Outsourcing in Drug Development is the third edition of this study of the drivers for outsourcing drug development, the companies involved in this market and the opportunity for revenues. Part of the CMO Market Series, this volume joins Outsourcing in Drug Discovery, published earlier this year.

As part of its comprehensive coverage of this market, this report contains:

  • A Detailed Introduction to the Clinical Trial Process
  • Statistics of Drugs in Development by Phase
  • Markets and Forecasts for Outsourcing In Drug Development (broken down by AMC, CMO and other)
  • Main Drivers for Outsourcing in Drug Development
  • Discussion of Industry and Regulatory Trends
  • CMO Market Share
  • Detailed Profiles of CMOs, Contract Laboratories, Clinical Trial Labs and EDC Solution Companies

As part of Kalorama Information's research process, information for this report is gathered from sources including trade press, company reports and government databases. Kalorama Information's analyst also interviewed dozens of experts in the industry to discover new trends and confirm assumptions.
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