Outsourcing in Drug Discovery, 2nd Edition

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Published Jan 1, 2006 | 232 Pages | Pub ID: KLI1099949

In the Spring of 2003, Kalorama published its first report on Outsourcing in Drug Discovery. Since then, so much has changed, the use of the term "2nd Edition" hardly seems appropriate. This new study involved completely re-examining the market from the ground up.

This new report is designed to make readers aware of the enormous changes that are taking place in the drug discovery outsourcing market, and the forces that are shaping the sector. It presents viewpoints from both customers and suppliers. Segments, size, and growth of the market are presented. The trend toward the increased use of offshore suppliers is covered in detail. The report also provides profiles of 30 suppliers, representative of those active in this market.

Segments covered in this report include:

  • Chemistry Services
    • Building Blocks
    • Compound Synthesis
    • Libraries
    • Process Research
    • Other Services

  • Biology Services
    • Protein Expression
    • Structural Analysis
    • Target Validation
    • Pathways Analysis
    • Other Services

  • Screening Services
    • Assay Development
    • Primary Screening
    • Secondary Screening

  • Lead Optimization
    • Early ADMET
    • Analogues Creation
    • Computational Support
    • Other services

In addition to market data and forecasts, the report covers issues such as

  • What factors should a client consider when deciding whether to do a project in-house or outsource it?
  • Is it in his best interest to seek a domestic outsourcing partner, or go with an overseas supplier?
  • How does he select the CRO that is best for him?
  • What are the best practices when working with a CRO?
  • How do you measure his effectiveness?
  • How do you avoid problems with your CRO?
  • How do you maximize benefits?

Offshoring, not such an issue in 2003, has become a major concern for domestic suppliers and clients alike. This report looks at offshore at outsourcing suppliers based in three major areas: India, China, and Eastern Europe. The relative advantages each country provides are contrasted with some of their limitations. The report asses which projects are moving to which suppliers and why. Examples of successful CROs from each geographic area are cited. Big pharma strategies for offshoring are examined.

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