Outsourcing in Drug Discovery

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Published May 1, 2003 | 258 Pages | Pub ID: KLI827058

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The number and scope of drug discovery outsourcing agreements has grown rapidly over the past five years, and the pace will accelerate over the next five years. Outsourcing is now an essential part of drug discovery. Major pharmas and biotechs are aggressively pursuing a range of outsourcing agreements. On the supplier side, smaller vendors rely on outsourcing revenues to pay their bills and boost their credibility.

Outsourcing in drug discovery is a popular topic for trade articles and seminars. These generally focus on who is doing what with whom for how much. This report will not cover this familiar territory. Instead it will provide a strategic view by showing what motivates clients and suppliers to do deals, what makes these deals successful or unsuccessful, what are the dimensions of this market, and what may be expected in the future.

The key issues addressed in this report include:

    1. What are the fundamental issues regarding outsourcing in drug discovery (ODD)?
    2. What are the key environmental factors that shape ODD?
    3. How large is the market for ODD and how fast is it growing?
    4. Which are the major groups of ODD services and how large are they?
    5. What do customers look for in a supplier? How do they evaluate them?
    6. What do suppliers do to attract clients? Which techniques work best?
    7. What types of ODD deals are being done and what are some examples?
    8. What makes a deal successful? What are the obstacles to avoid?
    9. Who are the leading ODD suppliers? What do they offer?
    10. Which of them has been successful? Which ones show the greatest promise?

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