The World Market for Personalized Medicine Tests for Cancer

Jan 19, 2017
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The World Market for Personalized Medicine Testing for Cancer

Personalized medicine companies seek to combat the scourge of cancer through personalized care, driving interest in patient-specific treatments that require testing. This report provides an assessment of the personalized medicine market, estimate and competitive analysis for tests for oncology that use biomarkers. This analysis includes a range of technologies made by scores of personalized medicine companies. These type of tests have demonstrated faster revenue growth than IVD broadly, and considerable interest from competitors.

The term “companion diagnostics” is used broadly in this report to include “personalized medicine” connected to therapeutics, and includes a range of tests that provide information to aid physicians making a treatment decision.

The World Market for Personalized Medicine Tests for Cancer provides:

  • Detailed List of Personalized Medicine Cancer Tests on the Market and In Development
  • Cancer Cases by Type
  • Personalized Medicine Tests on the Market by Biomarker Type
  • Personalized Medicine Tests by Status (In Development, Marketed, RUO, CE, Other) Market for Personalized Medicine Cancer Tests, 2016 and Forecasted 2021
  • The Market for Personalized Cancer Tests by Geographic Region
  • Discussion of Different Types of Testing Including Complementary, Companion and Other Personalized Approaches
  • Personalized Medicine Company Profiles
  • Potential Business Models
The report also includes information on current and emerging new personalized medicine tests in cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, immunological disease, infectious diseases, and other diseases. These discussions include information about personalized medicine companies that are developing or marketing companion diagnostics and also other personalized medicine tests. The report discusses in vitro diagnostic companies that are developing or marketing kits to clinical laboratories, and also the many clinical laboratories that have developed laboratory developed tests (LDTs) and are offering test services to aid physicians as they diagnose and treat patients.

The report also discusses personalized medicine companies providing services to, or entering into collaborative agreements with, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies.

Personalized medicine companies and organizations profiled in this report include both pharmaceutical and in vitro diagnostic companies that are active in the field of personalized medicine, as well as clinical laboratories that have developed their own personalized medicine assays.
Chapter One: Executive Summary
The Scourge of Cancer
Definitions of Companion Diagnostics and Cancer Diagnostics
Types of Tests Included
Marketing Personalized Medicine-Based Cancer Tests
Point of View
Chapter Two: Introduction
Cancer Treatments
Cancer Risk Assessment
Cancer Screening
Cancer Monitoring
Prognosis Assessment
Technologies Used
Immunohistochemistry (IHC):
Flow Cytometry:
In Situ Hybridization:
Nucleic Acid Amplification Technologies:
Analysis of Gene Expression Patterns (Gene Signatures):
Sequencing Technologies:
Mass Spectrometry:
Liquid Biopsies:
Information Technology:
Test Targets
HER2 Overexspression
KRAS Mutations
BRAF Mutations
UGT1A1 Genetic Variants
5-Flurouracil Therapy
PIK3CA Mutations
KIF6 Mutations
ALK Mutations
Chapter Three: Market Analysis
Products on the Market
Market Analysis
Diagnostic Companies and Pharmaceutical Companies
Growth by Geography
Chapter Four: Company Profiles.
20/20 GeneSystems, Inc.
Company Overview
Abbott Laboratories
Company Overview
ACT Genomics Co., Ltd.
Adaptive Biotechnologies Corporation
Company Overview
Admera Health (A GENEWIZ Company)
Company Overview
Agena Bioscience Inc.
Company Overview
Agendia NV
Company Overview
Amoy Diagnostics Co., Ltd.
Company Overview
Company Overview
Company Overview
Pharmaceutical Company Agreements
bioMérieux SA
Company Overview
Cepheid (Danaher)
Company Overview
Genomic Health, Inc.
Company Overview
Genoptix (A Novartis Company)
Company Overview
Luminex Corporation
Company Overview
Myriad Genetics, Inc.
Company Overview
Qiagen N.V.
Company Overview
QuanDx Inc.
Company Overview
Quest Diagnostics
Company Overview
Qvella Corporation
RiboMed Biotechnologies, Inc.
Company Overview
Company Overview
Siemens Healthcare
Company Overview
Company Overview
Theranostics Health Inc. (Acquired by Avant Diagnostics, Inc.)
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
Company Overview
Figure 1-1: Cancer Cases by Type
Figure 1-2: Tests by Biomarker Type
Figure 1-3 Tests by Status
Figure 1-4 Market for Personalized Medicine Cancer Tests
Table 2-1 Cancer Biomarkers
Table 3-1 Personalized Medicine Cancer Tests on the Market
Table 3-2 The Market for Personalized Cancer Tests by Geographic Region
Figure 3-3 The Market for Personalized Cancer Tests by Geographic Region

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