RFID Opportunities in Healthcare in the U.S.

   Single User - $1,995
   Corporate License - $7,990

Published Jun 1, 2007 | 240 Pages | Pub ID: KLI1432856

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technologies are dramatically changing many industries, but as detailed in Kalorama's market research report RFID Opportunities in Healthcare in the U.S., the greatest market for RFID is in healthcare. Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, nursing homes, and other healthcare entities will benefit from using the technologies to keep track of inventories and patients.

What are the best markets within healthcare for RFID? How will benefits outweigh costs? How are these technologies best implemented? Who are the leading providers in this area? This report answers these questions and more, and demonstrates how RFID is being used now by various healthcare entities for the following tasks

  • Increasing Charge Capture.
  • Accurate Inventory Management.
  • Refining Manufacturing Process
  • Reducing Blood Transfusion Errors
  • Eliminating Paperwork
  • Tracking Nursing Home Patients
The RFID market in the US healthcare industry represents several hundred million dollars, and will grow briskly moving forward to 2012. Healthcare and Technology executives in product management or marketing roles will find this study to be a useful resource. As part of its exhaustive coverage, Kalorama Information's report includes:
  • Market Size and Forecasts to 2012 for RFID in Healthcare.
  • Costs and Benefits of to RFID users.
  • Explanation of Major RFID Technologies
  • Case Studies of hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other entites using the technologies.
  • Over 120 Tables with accessible information.
  • Eight Important Conclusions about the market.
  • Profiles of Eleven Key Companies in this space.
Kalorama Information's trusted information-gathering process combines exhaustive research into company reports, medical journals trade periodicals and government data with interviews with industry experts. Expert interviews verify information and are the source of forecasting.
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