Retail Clinics: Customer Survey 2018

   Single User - $800
   Departmental Site License (one location, 10 users) - $1,200
   Corporate License - $1,600

Published Jun 22, 2018 | 24 Pages | Pub ID: KLI15716478

Are Consumers Visiting Retail Clinics?  What For?  How Satisfied are Retail Clinic Customers?

These questions and many others are answered in this report from Kalorama Information. Kalorama has covered these clinics  located within a retail health setting since 2007, and has recently concluded a web-based survey of 2000 U.S. adults, where hundreds of retail clinic users were interviewed.  

 Questions Asked Include:

  • Have You Ever Visited A Retail Clinic? 
  • Gender Of Visitors 
  • Income Of Visitors 
  • Marital Status
  • Children (Y/N) and Age
  • Area (Urban, Suburban, Rural)
  • Education Level

Some questions dealt with specifics of the visit. 

  • Was Your Visit To A Retail Clinic Only For A Flu Shot And No Other Purpose? In Which Store Was The Retail Clinic You Visited Located? 
  • For What Purposes Did You Visit A Retail Clinic? (Prescription, Follow-Up, Health Screening, Took Child) 
  • For Which Health Conditions Or Concerns Did You Visit A Retail Clinic? 
  • Were Any Of The Following Actions Taken During Your Visit To A Retail Clinic (Prescription, Blood Drawn, Other) 
  • Other Questions of Retail Clinic Visitors Included:
  • Do You Have A Regular Physician? 
  • Are You Going To Physician Less? Satisfied With Visit? 
  • Do You Have A Pet? 
  • Do You Own A Smartphone? A Smart Speaker (Echo, Alexa) 

The report breaks out statistics for retail clinics visiting just for a shot, and those who have more of a purpose for their visit. These customers are labeled as "Advanced Retail Clinic Users." The report contains the following information about these customers. 

  • % Advanced Retail Clinic Users – (Visited For Purpose Other Than Flu Shot) 
  • Advanced Retail Clinic Users: Age, Education And Gender 
  • Advanced Retail Clinic Users: Gender In Comparison To All Retail Clinic Visitors 
  • Advanced Retail Clinic Users By Store Location 
  • Advanced Retail Clinic Users By State 
Retail clinics, clinics located within a retail health setting, are a quickly growing segment of the U.S. health care marketplace, and an important means of providing health care services to the public. This report looks at retail clinics’ impact and growth over the next five years, focusing particularly on the health care products they purchase and the suppliers of those products.
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